3 Essentials of a Video Conferencing System


Install Video Conferencing Technology to Streamline Business in LA

Today many companies must do business remotely. The communication landscape has changed, and now you don’t have to physically be in the room when you have to meet with someone. Video conferencing systems allow Los Angeles, California business owners and associates to communicate digitally using wireless Internet and high-quality audio and video components. ForTech solutions can install a commercial audio video solution that will help you stay organized and maintain professionalism. Here are the three main aspects of a video conferencing system that can further your success in the workplace.

A Smart System

Often the largest challenge during a conference call is ensuring all the different components work together. ForTech Solutions can design a custom system that gives you full control of your video, audio, phones, lights and shades using a mobile device or keypad. Create pre-set scenes to avoid fumbling with settings right before an important call or presentation. All you have to do is press the button “Conference” and the lights dim, shades close and your video conferencing software turns on. Our video conferencing software allows you to talk to clients or partners in real time, even using interactive white boards to record notes. Just open the program and you’re ready to start communicating with professionals all over the world.

High-quality Audio Video

Your video conferencing system will only be as good as the commercial audiovisuals you choose. The TV or screen and speakers need to be the best quality, otherwise the picture and sound won’t deliver the experience you need for success. Use an LCD display or DLP projector to show images and presentations. Our team can install hi-fi speakers in the room so that everyone can hear the call clearly. We’ll also ensure the camera on your computer and the microphones are working correctly so that when you have to make a call to Tokyo or New York, they’ll see and hear you loud and clear.

Strong Wireless Internet

All your technology upgrades won’t work unless you have the right network installed. With a strong wireless network, you don’t have to worry about calls not coming through or images and sound lagging in the middle of a meeting. We create well-engineered solutions that work efficiently and consistently. We also ensure your network is secure enough to avoid any data breaches during conference calls.

Do you need to invest in a new video conferencing system for your Los Angeles business? ForTech Solutions can help you get on your way to improved communication with clients and associates. Contact us by filling out this online form.


  1. Kyler Brown says:

    I agree that today there are many companies that do business remotely, in part because the communication landscape has changed. Video conferencing can be very effective if done the right way. I liked your point about how often the largest challenge during a conference call is ensuring all the different components work together. Thanks for sharing this post.

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