3 Tips on How to Make Your Next Presentation Stand Out


Use Commercial Audio Video in Your LA Company to Impress Audiences

For many, public speaking is one of their top fears. Not everyone has this special and rare gift. So when you may already be nervous about being in front of a big audience, technology issues should be the last of your worries. To give an effective presentation you need confidence, and believe it or not the technology systems you use can play a big part in making a positive impression. If your PowerPoint presentation goes wrong, you could end up looking disorganized.

Fortech Solutions can help you succeed during your professional presentation with our commercial audio and video solutions. Here are some ways we can make speaking in front of your audience in Los Angeles, California easier and more effective.

Check Your Microphone System

Without a good microphone, your audience may have trouble hearing you correctly. A microphone system will help you communicate your message clearly. It’s also important to consider that some people like to move around when they talk and engage the audience. A wireless microphone makes it easy for the presenter to walk around the room comfortably, point on the screen, and ask the audience questions. Wireless microphones come in handhelds, goosenecks, tabletops, and headsets—so you have options. Keep the microphone in your hand, wear it on your shirt, or keep it on the podium. Record the speech, broadcast it to your remote listeners, and stream the audio to different rooms in your building. Our team can connect the microphone system to your room controls to make it easier to set up and manage as well. Once you have the right tools in place, all you have to do is a quick mic check before you start.

Make an Impression with Premium Audiovisuals

You can definitely gain more attention with audiovisuals. Add videos, images, and music to your presentation and your audience will not only pay more attention to you, but also remember what you have to say. Give presenters the best video solutions available by installing an HD or UHD projector and large screen. Or, you could mount a large flat-screen TV on the wall. With our integration expertise, you’ll be able to hit one button and be ready to present any image or video you need to.

Use Automation for That Extra “Wow” Factor

Once you have your microphone and AV system set up, make sure you create the right environment for the presentation. With an integrated system, you can hit one button and the motorized shades will come down to prevent glare on the screen and make it easier on everyone’s eyes. Then the lights will dim, the screen and projector will lower, and the microphone system will adjust to a proper volume. By tying all of these features together you not only help save the person time, but you also make the system available to everyone instead of a specialized staff. You can program and save scenes ahead of time so that when the big day arrives everything goes according to plan. Your audience will be impressed that you commenced the event with the click of a button. When you are the focus of the room and the star of the show, it’s crucial to have all the controls at your fingertips. With automation technology, you’ll appear confident, knowledgeable, and prepared.

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  1. I think it is imperative to understand your AV system before making a presentation. This will help you avoid problems or glitches during your presentation, and it makes setting up easier, in case you are short on time. One of my biggest pet peeves is when it takes the presenter five or more minutes to set up when I am waiting for the presentation to begin. So, understand your system, and try to set up at least 15 minutes before the presentation is supposed to start. If you struggle with this, then getting an automatic system would be a good idea.

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