6 Ways To Automate Your Home For The Holidays

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As we reach the end of 2020 (finally), it is time to celebrate the holidays. A fun way to celebrate is to automate your home while focusing on guests, food preparations, and decorating. Let us cut your prep time in half as we automate your home. 

1.  Keep Your Gifts Safe With A Smart Doorbell and Security System. 

Holiday season means it’s time for gifts. Due to the pandemic and closures, most gifting is being done online and being shipped to homes. Because of this, it is important to keep your gifts safe with a smart doorbell. Some brands we utilize include Doorbird, Ring, and the new Control4 Chime. You can spot Santa and your gifts all with a smart doorbell and security cameras for the maximum protection. You can access the smart doorbell and cameras with your smart home system or remotely through an app. Stay safe this holiday season with the maximum security and protection.

2.  Spruce Up Your Holiday With Lighting Control. 

Holidays are all about the music, hot cocoa, cookies, movies, and most importantly the decorations. To truly create the perfect ambiance for your holiday, you can dim lights with lighting controls from Control4, Brilliant, or Crestron. Control the Christmas tree lights, outdoor roof lights, the kitchen, the pantry, the whole home essentially with a lighting keypad which allows you to dim the lights and really set the mood. Become the best home of the year, with outdoor lights that automatically turn on at 7 PM just in time for the carolers. Let us light up your holiday.

3. Listen To Your Favorite Holiday Music With a Whole House Audio System. 

Have you pictured the holidays without some holiday music? We sure haven’t. Imagine getting to listen to Frank Sinatra’s “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year,” all throughout your home. Now that’s what we call a holiday highlight. Not only can you listen to holiday music throughout your home, but you can also control the audio levels, add rooms/zones, and create awesome holiday playlists with a smart home system that integrates audio. Control the audio from essentially anywhere from either the touch screens in your home or an app on your phone.

4. Enjoy Fun Holiday Movies With Your Family in a Home Theater. 

The holidays are not the same without some family movie time. Watching Home Alone in a home theater surrounded by family seems like an ideal holiday to us. Enjoy watching holiday movies streamed from Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and/or your favorite cable. Watch any movie with a simple touch on a remote or phone surrounded by reclining chairs and dimming lights to simulate the true movie experience amidst a COVID holiday. With a nice 4K projector and a large projector screen, watch anything you can imagine. And if you want the projector to be hidden, we can incorporate a hidden projector lift, so that the projector comes down from the ceiling when it’s movie time. Let us help you create the ultimate home theater experience. 

5. Set The Mood With Custom Holiday Scenes  

With any smart home system, you can create scenes catered to the holidays. In essence, you can have a button on your keypad labeled “Holiday” and have this button on any touch screen or phone. With a press of this button, you can turn on the holiday lights and decor all throughout the home, turn on some holiday music, turn the thermostat up, and set the TV to play a holiday movie. The customizations are endless. Let us create the mood for your holiday this year.

6. Need an Elf? Add a Smart Home AI Voice Assistant To Your Home.

With the holidays, there’s so much to do. Sometimes you may wish you could have some elves to help or just talk to your home. Well, you actually can. With a smart home AI voice assistant you can essentially just speak your tasks and have them done. Some of these assistants include: Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Josh.ai, and Apple Homepod. We can integrate one of these assistants with your smart home system so you can essentially speak to your home. For instance, with Josh Nano or Micro, you can just say “Hey Josh, our guests are here,” and Josh can be programmed to turn on the lights, set the music, set the thermostat, and raise the shades. On the other hand, you can give these assistants direct tasks too: “Hey Josh, turn off the Christmas lights and turn the heater on to 74 degrees.” All is possible with unique customization as well. Let us give you the elf you need this holiday season.

If you are interested in learning more about how ForTech Solutions can help automate your home for the holiday season, please feel free to email contact@fortechsolutions.com or call us at (818) 892-2311.


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