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How Smart Home Automation Lends a Helping Hand Throughout the Year

When you install a smart home automation system, you’re investing in technology that will facilitate all your daily routines. As your needs change throughout the year, your smart home adapts with you. Whether you’re trying to get the holiday spirit going in the winter or braving the scorching temperatures in the summer, your technology can help you in a variety of ways. In this blog, we highlight some cool features that get you through the seasons in your Los Angeles, California home.

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As the temperatures rise in the summer months, smart home automation can help you be energy efficient when trying to cool down your space. Motorized shades close during the hottest times of day to take some off the pressure off your HVAC system while ‘away’ modes on your thermostat keep you from wasting energy cooling down an empty home.

For working parents, summer can be a stressful time. With a smart home automation system, know what your kids are doing while you’re at work and take proactive steps to keep them safe. From your smartphone, you can look at live surveillance footage, set the alarm, and lock doors that were left open.


Fall means football season, and with two teams set to play in Los Angeles next season, it’s time to create the ultimate watching experience in your home. From the same device, you choose the game you want to see, adjust the volume, close the shades, and lower the thermostat as you watch the game.

Fall is also the time when kids start heading back to school. Create scheduled scenes to get the family back into their daily routines. A “Good Morning” scene opens the shades, plays music and turns on the lights to help everybody get the day started.


During the winter, take advantage of your smart technology to get ready for the holidays. Use your lighting control system to get more out of your Christmas lights. Schedule lights to turn on, change colors, or dim at certain times to create an interactive display.

Your smart home automation system also helps you become the ultimate host. With intuitive control of lighting, climate, and entertainment you can create the ideal party environment when hosting friends for Christmas or New Years. Get started by creating playlists that you can easily play on all your speakers.


With the flowers blooming and the perfect crisp SoCal temperature, spring is meant to be spent outside. Take advantage of a professional AV system to play your favorite music, TV shows or movies outdoors. Your technology professional will find the best speakers and televisions for outdoor use.

Keep your vulnerable components inside and use a waterproof remote or your smartphone to manage your system. Schedule landscape lighting to go on as soon as the sun sets so you can keep the party going in your patio or backyard through the night.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is; it’s always a good time to upgrade to a smart home. To get started, call Fortech Solutions at 877-85-4TECH or fill out our online contact form.


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