Auditoriums / Art Centers

Commercial_2If you are in charge of an organization that provides entertainment, or you work at a college or school that regularly puts on a play or related performance, it is important that the acoustics in your auditorium provide the best possible atmosphere for the people that will attend. Our sound and video engineers are experts with auditorium sound and video configurations, which includes implementing proper lighting controls that will convert your auditorium into a multi-media presentation theater.  You will have the ability to combine sound, video and light to produce spectacular performances that attendees will not soon forget.

Auditorium Lighting Control

Depending upon the shape of the auditorium itself, and where the performance will actually be, pre-programmed lighting controls will provide the right visual display before, during and after the performance. For instance, the system will configure the lights (where the audience will seat) to brighten and dim at the appropriate times. During certain scenes, the lights can also be adjusted appropriately to maximize the visual impact of what the audience will see. Our modern lighting console makes this a very simple task that can make every performance unique.

Auditorium Sound and Video

In addition to installing professional speakers in the right positions, we also consider the acoustics of the auditorium itself. This is both science and art.  That’s because in order to have the appropriate amount of clarity, we need to configure the auditorium to absorb excess amounts of sound which will reverberate throughout the theater. We accomplish this by installing diffusers to scatter the sound waves, and adding absorption panels in the specific locations.  Once this is done you will notice a dramatic improvement in the acoustics, which will enhance the auditorium sound and video parameters so that the performance is heard loud and clear from all seats.

Auditorium A/V Solutions

  • Consulting, design and installation
  • Sound Systems
  • Video Systems
  • Lighting Controls
  • Seating Systems

The final piece of the puzzle is providing the auditorium technology to record the performance itself with sound and video. We will arrange the auditorium so that the lights and sound of the performance will either be both visually and audibly entertaining for shooting the video. Our design team will establish the proper location in the auditorium for optimum video production that will enable a professional video camera to either be stationed or brought in to capture the performance. In addition, the entire video system can tie in to a professional mixing board that will enable a sound engineer to mix in music, wired microphones and wireless microphones.

Auditorium Technology

Whether you’re auditorium is a blank shell and you would like to start from scratch or are interested in modernizing with the latest auditorium technology, our audio visual professionals are dedicated to providing you with a complete turn-key auditorium technology solution that will create the perfect atmosphere for every performance.

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