ForTech Solutions is a CEA 2015 Mark of Excellence Winner

Los Angeles, Jan. 8. 2015 - ForTech Solutions Inc. – a Los Angeles based technology integration company is a winner of Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA)® 2015 Mark of Excellence Awards, in the category Retrofit Project of the Year (above $50,000). The award is presented by CEA’s TechHome Division and CE Pro Magazine.  You can read more about the winning project at “The winner project was one of the most complex and … [Read more...]

The art of Technology

electronic lifestyle fall - Copy_Page_1

One of our latest Home Automation Projects got featured in CEDIA's "Electronic Lifestyles" 2014 Fall issue. Click on the images to read the whole article.                               … [Read more...]

How to choose the conference room equipment?

T06/04/07 - Telepresence World, conference at the University of San Diego

Nowadays you have millions of options and choices for your conference room equipment. But what's the right fit for your company? How to choose the right equipment that will meet your needs? There are 6 main points that you need to decide on. But before your audio video integrator can help you with that, you need to answer 2 main questions. - How are we going to use this conference room? Is it for internal meetings only, presentations, online meetings with clients or just for having guests? - … [Read more...]

TOP 5 office design trends of the 21st century

Office design trends

By designer Maureen Mahon - founder of Maureen Mahon Interiors   The technologies industry has changed the way we approach office design. The traditional office model - where executives inhabit the big corner offices and smaller spaces are carved out in proportion to employees’ status - is becoming a thing of the past. Executives now see themselves as part of a collaborative team. As startups develop products and applications to help the world run more efficiently, this consciousness is … [Read more...]

Office design trends 2014

What are the current design trends for office spaces? How to design a high-tech modern office, keeping the home-like atmosphere? What questions to ask to your designer? Designer Maureen Mahon - the founder of Maureen Mahon Interiors, has designed and toured a lot of modern office spaces and she shares her experience with us. She specializes in commercial interior design. Want to get a high-tech office or modern videoconferencing solutions? Get started here: … [Read more...]

5 summer upgrades to refresh your home


When we think of home upgrades, we always think of something expensive and long-lasting which we don't have energy for. But it doesn't have to be so. You can do a lot of small quick upgrades that will refresh your lifestyle and give a new, cool look and feel to your house. You don't have to do a total remodel or open all your walls and you don't have to move out of your house . Here are 5 home summer upgrades that can change your life: 1.  Change  your shades and drapes. Shades are of … [Read more...]

5 smart ways to get more business using digital signage

dig. sig.

To survive in the retail market of the future, business owners will have to invest in off- and  in-store interactive communications with customers, such as mobile apps and Digital Signage to keep the customers in store and maximize the profit. It is booming. You can see more and more digital signage screens in malls, retail stores, restaurants, bars, lounges, cafes etc. and something new comes up every day. Online shopping is taking over and more and more giant stores, like Target and Best … [Read more...]

Lutron’s Ivalo Collection: quality light + amazing design


Lighting is the most important aspect of the space design, especially for outdoor spaces. But it's not always easy to find functional high-quality light fixtures, which also have original and attractive design. Ivalo is a unique designer-friendly collection, which gives a lot of options to play with shapes, colors and dimming. Lutron's Ivalo lighting collection is one of our favorite lighting solutions, that we use in our projects. Ivalo has decorative and architectural fixtures for indoor … [Read more...]

Sonance SONARRAY speakers – designed to hide!


Another new incredible product, that we would like to feature are Sonance SONARRAY SR1 System - all-in-one solution for outdoor sound. SONARRAY SR1 System already got a lot of positive reviews both by technology installers and designers, who are especially happy with the look and feel of the product which gives a lot of opportunities to nicely hide the speakers in the outdoor landscape design. The package consists of 8 satellite speakers and 1 below-ground subwoofer and is designed for … [Read more...]

Outdoor entertainment – ready for summer?


Now that technology has become an integral part of our life, it’s hard to imagine our life without it - chilling with friends at the grill bar without music, enjoying the garden with your kids without a big screen or even swimming in the pool without hearing your favorite song under the water. Have you ever thought of how to creatively embed technology into your landscape and don’t disturb the nature? Now it’s undeniable - having a cool modern house means to have a nice yard in it … [Read more...]