Council Chambers

Council chamberForTech Solutions helps local governments meet the growing needs of their community by helping them adapt to new technology in a meaningful and responsive way to keep the public informed about council business.  Being able to balance the public’s right to know with tight government budgets can be a formidable task especially when technology appears to be changing at the speed of light. Sometimes it’s not the budget that holds cities back.  It’s the fear that they will soon outgrow the new technology.  That’s why we specialize in providing customized audio visual solutions with modular components that can grow as the city’s needs change.

We are committed to providing audio video solutions for the 21st century and beyond. Our A/V specialists will help your city upgrade from the old microphone, audio recorder and desktop presentations of yesteryear to modern multimedia presentations that will enable you to conduct council business on flat panel video display screens with digital control systems for sound, video, lighting and integrated A/V recording. Council meetings can be broadcasted on the local community channel, streamed as a live video event and posted on the city’s website automatically.

A/V Systems for Council Chambers

The size and scope of the audio visual equipment is based on the requirements of your city council.  Council chambers can be outfitted with a lectern containing a built-in adjustable microphone, cameras, speakers and DVR.  Additional cameras and wireless microphones are also included for each council member.

The control system can be built into the lectern which makes it easy for council staff to control the system components.  In addition, we can provide an audio only solution for those council chambers that do not need a complete video solution.
The council meeting can be recorded onto a digital video recorder (DVR) for preservation and historical documentation of the public agenda. Depending on the needs of the city, the digital recording can be burned onto DVD discs, cataloged and stored as well as being made available in an online audio and/or video library.

In addition to providing a custom solution, we also conduct on-site training and technical support.  This will enable council members and other city personnel to start using the system from day one.  Our professional consultants will meet with city officials to provide a customized solution that will be the perfect fit for your city and budget.  Our solutions will help your city modernize its audio and video needs with a fast return on investment.

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