Digital Signage

pic 1If you have a retail business, and you currently display information about your company using a traditional sign or bulletin board style display, you should seriously consider modernizing with our digital signage systems. You have probably seen them before, especially when you go into restaurants and retail stores where they are presenting their special deals.


Outdoor Digital Signage

Not too long ago, one of the primary advertising methods for attracting visitors to your business was the standard billboard. You would have your message, and company displayed adjacent to highways or freeways in order to attract new clientele. Today, we are providing companies with outdoor digital signage that utilizes modern technology to bring more visitors into their shop or store. With sizes ranging all the way up to 65 inches in size, it’s very easy to catch the attention of people walking or driving by your business, motivating them to come in to see what you have to offer. Additionally, our digital signage software and media player will let you insert text and graphics that will make a unique display on your digital signage.

Wireless Digital Content

Content is the most important and expensive thing today. If you don’t have a good content and a content management system, your investment in hardware will be lost as well. We provide you with a unique quality content, customized specifically for your needs and we can manage your content if you don’t have time for that or your personnel doesn’t feel comfortable doing that.

Instead of having to manually change your signs out front, with new digital technology, it’s possible to change your digital signage from one central location. Even if you own multiple stores, using the Internet, you are able to make simultaneous changes regardless of where your businesses are located. Therefore, if you are running a special, or you would like to try different ad slogans to see which ones attract more visitors, all of this can be done with a click of a mouse no matter where you may be as long as you have a computer and Internet connection that will allow you to access the digital signage software to make the appropriate changes.

Multimedia Digital Signs

Once your visitors are interested enough to come into your store based upon what they have seen with the outdoor digital sign, you should also have additional ones within your store to guide them to the appropriate locations. Each section of your store can have a separate digital display which can quickly provide them with an overview of what products are available. By providing this type of automated digital information, not only will you attract more customers, but you will motivate more customers to make a purchase decision based upon what they read on the digital display. This can be enhanced if you use a digital signage media player which can present graphical images and text to create custom messages all controlled from one central location.

If you have one store, or multiple stores in a variety of locations, we can customize a digital display that will be certain to have a positive impact on your revenue stream. With our wireless digital board system and a dynamic digital signage media player, it will be easy to control all of your displays, test which messages bring in the most sales, and also provide customers with important information for when they come in and shop inside.

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