Lighting Control Systems

lighting control systemsHome lighting control systems increase security and reduce energy costs. One of the most innovative ways to make your life easier, and also protect your home at the same time, is to install a home lighting control system at your residence. When you consider that an average house can have more than a hundred bulbs, having the ability to control them can save hundreds of dollars off your annual electric bill while increasing the safety of your home.

What Is a Home Lighting Control System?

A home lighting control system is more than simply a way of programming lights.   A home lighting control system is a technologically advanced way to control the lighting in your home. With a centralized light controller, you are able to control all of the lights within your home, as well as outside, making it very easy for people to turn on their lights from a remote location using a computer or utilizing our mobile app on your tablet or smart phone.

Home Lighting and Security

You’re home doesn’t need to appear empty if your not home most of the day, or perhaps going on a vacation. Using this state of the art technology, you can program the lights to go on and off at predetermined times, and also turn on a variety of appliances like your television and stereo, to mimic what an actual person might do if they were actually in the home. Also, with motion sensors attached to lighting in other areas of the home, lights can automatically go on and off as people enter or leave.  This way you don’t have to worry about someone leaving the lights on and wasting energy when nobody is in the room.

Ease and Convenience

One of the best ways to make your life easier is to automate as much of it as you can. For instance, you might want an electrical appliance to turn on in the morning such as your television, coffee maker, or the lights in your home just before you awake. This makes it very convenient for you to get up, get ready for work, or go about your usual daily routine without having to think about turning anything. This is because of the per-programmed remote light controls that these systems provide.

Energy Conservation

One of the greatest wasters of electricity within a home is lights and other appliances that might be left on once you have left the house. It’s easy to forget to hit a light switch on your way out, or forget to turn off the television or stereo during your busy day. By creating timers on your lighting control system, you will be able to save money each and every day because everything will be turned off at predetermined times. The software in the lighting control program will take care of this for you automatically, making this a very cost effective investment.

Remote Access

Another positive aspect of using our lighting control systems is that they offer remote access from a variety of locations. Our mobile apps are specifically designed to work with your computer or smart phone so that you will have complete control regardless of where you are. This is very useful when trying to modify the appearance of being home, letting you change the timing on lights and appliances, as well as their duration and functionality while you are away from home.
If you are looking for a way to cut back on your energy bill, make your life more convenient, and also protect your home while you are gone, installing a home lighting control system with remote light controls may be the best investment you will make this year.

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