Interactive experience for restaurants / retails

ForTech Solutions partnered with SCREEMO to launch a new technology that enables consumers to interact with content on your digital signs via fun “one click” interactive experiences.

What is it used for?

If You are a retailer or a restaurant owner, ForTech’s new service of Interactive Experiences enables you to:

  • Provide coupons and other incentives to increase sales
  • Direct offers and coupons to your customers just as they are ready to buy
  • Give customers access to browse your products with their Smartphones when they are not in the store
  • Link into your customers’ social networks and let them link to yours
  • Collect detailed data on your customers for future marketing activities

How does it work?

how it works

ForTech’s new service lets you do all of the above by linking a smartphone to an in-store digital screen without the need of any special hardware, software or app download. It provides a fun and rewarding experience for your customers, while increasing your revenues!


Interaction examples


Issue a Coupon Interaction:

Issue a Coupon InteractionUse screens at the point of sale to draw customers and engage them with a clear call to action, provide coupons and other incentives to increase sales.

For Example – Wheel of Fortune: Engage customers with a fun game, let them spin the wheel on the screen using their smartphones and receive coupons to increase sales.


Promote a Product/Service:

Promote a Product /service

Use your screens to provide information on a new product or service offer. Choose an interaction that will engage your customers and will lead them to learn more about your product.

For example – Unlock the Safe: Raise customers’ curiosity and let them try to crack the code and open the safe. Success will land them onto a new product or service page.

Get consumer insights & data

Get costumer insights & data

Get your customers’ feedback on any subject in real time and reward them with promotions. You can also link the interaction to customers’ social networks and receive data for future marketing activities.

For Example – Customer Poll. Ask any question you want, to gather insights. The participant logs-in via facebook, vote, his photo appears on the screen, a prize is sent to his smartphone and you gather both feedback and personal data. 



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