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Music for your Business

Bose speakers for Retail shopsBose® business music systems are engineered specifically for professional applications and benefit from nearly five decades of research.

Bose sound systems include loudspeakers, electronics and user controls built for the demands of a corporate, retail or service environment – like operating throughout the day, every day.

A scheduling feature can pre-assign on/off, volume and source selections by time of day – putting your focus on the customers, not the sound system.

Plus, many system functions can be programmed to run automatically, so you can focus on your customers, not your sound system.

ForTech Solutions is backed by Bose as an audio video system design and integration company.


Bose speakers for hotelThe Bose® brand can support and enhance the distinctive image of your business, and a Bose professional sound system can deliver the sound experience your customers appreciate and expect.

Bose has built a reputation for delivering extraordinary experiences with an extensive line of products, from home entertainment systems to automotive sound.



BOSE for retail and commercial environments

Engineered with advanced technologies, Bose® professional products deliver the performance business owners want – often with less equipment than many conventional systems so the integration with the interior design stays simple.

And because ForTech Solutions designs the complete system, the audio and video components can be combined more seamlessly with the design of stores, restaurants or hospitality venues.




Bose sound systems use small flush- and surface-mount loudspeakers designed to blend in with existing decor. Bose also has loudspeakers specially engineered to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments, including moisture, salt and extreme temperatures, so you can have Bose sound inside or out and extend the experience to any part of your property.

loungeAutomatic volume adjustment

The Opti-voice® paging system automatically adjusts the music volume during paging. Proprietary Bose technology minimizes “clicks” and “pops,” for smoother and more intelligible announcements.

Switch between sources without sudden volume changes. Bose® Source Leveling controls the dynamic range of different sources such as MP3s, satellite programming and FM radio, so one source doesn’t sound louder or softer than another.

Multi-zone capability lets you play the same music through-out your establishment, or play different sources in different areas – indoors or outdoors – even at different volume levels.

Simple and elegant controlsbose

Easy-to-use wall panels and interfaces eliminate the requirement for extensive training and give business owners and staff the control they need without the risk of altering critical system settings and parameters.




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