Home Theater Installation

More LUXURY for your lifeImagine being able to go to a movie theater, sporting event or symphony concert whenever you want without leaving your home. We are your home theater installation and design experts in Los Angeles and surrounding areas that convert any empty space into an amazing home theater to deliver an authentic movie theater experience in your own home. We can work our magic even in small, compact spaces.

Enjoy all of your media sources together including CATV/Satellite, AM/FM radio and digital media players in high definition at any time at the touch of a button or click of a mouse. You can sit back and relax while we do all of the work. Our team of licensed home theater installation experts in Los Angles will hide all wires, install control panels and use industrial grade power filters that help extend the life of your new state-of-the-art components.

Once we complete your home theater installation we clean up and provide complete training on using your new home theater and media room.

 ForTech’s Advantage

  • Licensed contractors
  • Professional onsite media design and installation
  • Premium sound, lighting and video components
  • Complete training and technical support
  • Energy/Power Management


You’re as good as there when you are able to hear the sound the way it was meant to be heard. We offer a selection of home theater quality speakers with surround-sound multi-channel stereo that are perfectly positioned and balanced for optimum acoustics in the room.

Automated Lighting / Shading

Adjustable lighting provides the perfect ambiance for your perfect home theater experience. Automatic sensors turn the lights on or off whenever someone enters or leaves the room. This is a great safety feature that conserves energy too. Learn more about our lighting control systems.

Retractable Projection Systems

With our retractable projection systems, you can have a real movie theater experience in a compact space. You can choose up to 100’ video projection screens that we install in the ceiling that automatically raise or lower at the touch of a switch.

DVD/Media Players

We can install or connect your personal DVD and media players where you can watch videos from your personal library or stream movies and music direct from NetflixHuluCracklePandora and more.

Game Controllers

You will feel like you’re part of the experience when you play video games on the big screen in a home theater environment. We can connect your existing game controllers to your new home theater system or choose from our selection of the latest wireless game controllers.

Service & Support

Technical support and maintenance is going to be the most important thingafter your home theater installation system after the installation, so we offer full Service and Support packages to keep your system up to date and in a best performing mode all the time.

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