Newest and Coolest Technologies Showcased ISE 2018


The Integrated Systems Europe Show (ISE) 2018 showcased some of the most state-of-the-art and intriguing technologies. Whether it would be voice-command products or revolutionizing digital signage displays, ISE 2018 had it all. Some of the featured AV exhibitors included: Crestron, Ekey, Shure, Peerless AV, Community Professional Loudspeakers, Digital Projection and many more. Each exhibitor gave a glimpse of the advanced new products that will step up the AV world and provide functionality and progression in technology.

Crestron not only served as an exhibitor at the show, but was also a sponsor as well. Crestron is well known for presenting their products with demos, and demonstrating how their products can be useful with integrating a whole audio-video system, and this year was nothing short of that. Their exhibit included the all new Mercury Video Conferencing system, which was one of their newest technologies launched in effort to Make Meetings Better. As Crestron recaps, “[The] Crestron Mercury is the only all-in-one tabletop UC and AV solution that supports all video-conferencing solutions. It’s also easy to provision and manage from the cloud, and supports standard network security policies.” In addition to the Mercury, Crestron launched its newest version of the Digital Media NVX, which is a real time “AV encoder or decoder that transports 4K60 4:4:4 video over standard Gigabit Ethernet. Supports HDR10 and HDCP 2.2. Enables fully-scalable, enterprise-wide 4K content distribution.” It allows for high-performance streaming for the best results and to implement with a design-oriented system. It also eliminates and decreases latency that occurs when transmitting a video over a network. Crestron presented the DM NVX video wall, which showed how powerful this encoder/decoder can be for digital signage and video wall displays. These solutions were one of many, that Crestron wowed viewers and tech-gurus with this year at ISE. We cannot wait to showcase how we are implementing these new solutions in our current projects.


Speaking of video-conferencing, Shure introduced their MicroFlex Advance, which were sets of microphones to ensure precise audio in meetings and conferences. This included ceiling and table array microphones that incorporate to provide the most efficient corporate AV conferencing. The MXA910 Ceiling Array features up to 8 separate lobes to capture sound sources coming from above. On the other hand, the XA310 Table Array rejects overhead HVAC and fan noise. The Proprietary IntelliMix® DSP Suite reduces room noise and improves speech knowledge.  Lastly, the ANI4 Network Interfaces in this bundle, route signals to and from Dante network, all working together to create the optimal meeting experience.

With technology advancing every millisecond, the exhibitors at this year’s ISE debuted some of their new products and systems. Ekey, a networkable fingerprint access control system, debuted a new and upgraded version of their fingerprint access system with an improved encryption to allow for variability in hand options and improve security. Another key feature is its compatibility, with Crestron, Savant and other integration systems, in which a professional AV integrator can incorporate a design, in which all of the given space, office, or home, will be linked with one click on your phone, remote, and/or smart device. All in all, ISE 2018 was full of state-of-the-art security technologies ideal for simple living.

Peerless AV, a manufacturer of digital signage kiosks, also showcased their newest all-in-one interactive kiosks that actually allow a touch screen feature not available previously. It is called the KIPCT555 (powered by BrightSign) and it comes fully assembled with a commercial grade LCD display in 55 inches. It also has six IR point of interaction, with a fast response time, and is the optimal option for engagement with audience. In essence, it gives consumers at airports and hotels the ideal interaction needed for information set out with digital signage. Users can design and create content using the BrightAuthor software, and can update information via WiFi as well. A new experience and interface steps foot in the integration space as Peerless AV upgrades their kiosks to fit the ideal needs of consumers and executives.

Another launch that wowed ISE was the newest addition to the I SERIES from Community Professional Loudspeakers. They have added the new IV6 Modular Vertical Array 600 system, a speaker so versatile and adaptive with a IV6-1122 array elements available in 5 degrees and 15 degrees coverage angles. It is effective in the sense that it aims to eliminate overlaps and coverage gaps due to tuning difficulties. The Passive Acoustic Optimisation feature allows for excellent frequency response consistently working without any extra amplifiers. An amplifying sound experience in commercial grade, is this new product’s goal and mission.

Displaying and projecting an image or information display can be a difficult task without a good projector. Luckily, at ISE 2018, Digital Projection launched their new Insight Laser 8K projector. This projector is similar to a Ferrari in the integration industry, in which it provides 8K resolution, 7680 X 4320, and allows for 25,000 lumens. This is in purpose for an absolute clear and focused image or video. In addition to this projector, Digital Projection successfully showcased their new Radiance LED wall, which is a new Fine-Pitch LED video wall system. It is pixel pitch and has the capability of being a 2D and/or 3D LED wall. It is available in 1.2, 1.5, 1.9, 2.5, 4.0 mm pixel-pitch configuration and is Ultra-HD 4K. It is a thin installation making it a viable solution for versatile environments.

ISE 2018 this year really showcases some really advanced and modified technologies that can aid in creating simplicity and convenience in use. We cannot wait to try out these products, and see for ourselves how their integration can match with our goal of Life Made Simple. ‘Till next year, Integrated Systems Europe Show.


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