The Importance of Microphone Noise Reduction in Los Angeles


Having meetings nowadays can be kind of difficult in the sense that you hear the noises of the HVAC working, the receiver running, your AV systems in the background, and other disturbing noises that can truly dismantle a conversation. This does in turn affect daily work-efficiency and can reduce intelligibility whether in a board meeting or a courtroom. Sound masking on one hand, can improve conversations within, but microphones on the other hand need to be suitable enough to not project these extra noises. This is especially suitable in a place like Los Angeles, where all the hustle and bustle of traffic and sounds come through every corner of every building, which disrupt a person’s daily tasks and jobs.

Microphones are a necessity for any conference room or meeting room. However, a well-suited microphone masks or reduces surrounding noises and focuses on projected the voice of the person speaking through the microphone. This is absolutely necessary especially in public work spaces, courthouses, and essentially meeting rooms, where people would like to communicate at ease with no disturbing noises being magnified along with their voice. One product that helps achieve this mission is the Shure Microflex Advance microphone system, helping reduce noises that can interfere with speech and cognition.

The most conflicting issue is having overhead noises from the HVAC, projectors and other operating systems of some sort, which often gets in the way of communication. In place like Los Angeles, heat is always an issue, HVAC vents are always blasting cool air along with a bunch of unwanted noises. The toroidal pattern highlighted with the microphone system rejects these noises, purifying communication within meetings and office spaces. This also optimizes the voices of all participants in a meeting setting as well. It also reduces echoes by preventing further participants from activating the localized microphone channels with a single channel AEC. Another key feature is the automatic mixes, which increases sound quality and improves intelligibility within communication and conversations. This microphone system works to eliminates inefficient meetings caused by poor audio, and allowing team members to focus on work rather than trying to make things function.

Living and working in a big city such as Los Angeles, can come with a hefty amount of dealing with unwanted noises and interruptions. However, with the addition of suitable microphones and excellent sound masking within a room, there is nothing stopping a meeting from being at-most successful. It is crucial to recognize that these noises affect working efficiency and communication with others in any situation, which makes choosing the right microphone system very important as well. To learn more please feel free to fill out the form below.



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