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Technology advancement brings numerous advantages to property managers. These technologies streamline property management tasks by allowing remote access control, reducing the need for physical key management, and enhancing security with real-time surveillance. The network infrastructure system simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting, ensuring consistent connectivity for all residents. Additionally, the outdoor entertainment system adds value to the property, attracting and retaining tenants while fostering a vibrant community atmosphere. These smart solutions improve operational efficiency and enhance tenant satisfaction, making them a valuable asset for any multi-family residential property.

If your property is around Houston, TX, let us know how we can help you with smart technology solutions.


A single management platform to control your space and a simple tenant app that makes door access easy.

Intercom: Simple and intuitive Video and Audio intercom solutions

Unit Door Access: Battery-powered units for mortice, cylindrical, deadbolt, and interconnect.

Common Entry: Hardwired readers for main entry, elevator, and shared spaces

Garage/Gate Door Control:


Create a secure living environment for all occupants. From simple deterrence to complex analytics.

Perimeter & Indoor Cameras: Protect indoor and outdoor areas from every angle.

Smart Analytics: AI-powered video analytics to help find what you’re looking for faster.

Cloud Video Security: Gain flexibility and reduce operating expenditures while scaling your security.

On-premise Recording: Take complete control of your video data.

Remote Management: Easy-to-use platforms for smarter and more efficient management of your sites.


Complete technology infrastructure to future-proof your property.

Infrastructure Cabling: Fiber & copper communications cabling throughout your property.

Network: Design, Installation, and management of robust data networks

Wi-Fi: The latest WIFI technology to get your tenants connected.

CATV & Fiber Distribution Infrastructure: Coax or FiberCable infrastructure to every unit.


Background Music: Create a pleasant atmosphere by adding music to your lobby, gym, outdoor spaces, or rooftop.

Indoor & Outdoor Theater: Encourage interaction among tenants with fun movie nights. Make your property a hot spot for social interactions.

Digital Display Solutions: Reach and engage your tenants with relevant content in common areas.

Lighting, Thermostat & Shades Control: Add complete control to your luxury living units.


ForTech Solutions is here to help. Contact our technology professionals in Houston to get started with your project!

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