Is It Time for a Conference Room AV Design Update?

Modern office conference room with large tv for virtual collaboration.

From Equipment to Layout, the Right Design Makes for the Better Meetings We’re in a new era of the workplace where conference room AV design is of enormous importance to how effectively employees can communicate with one another and with clients and vendors. Whereas before, communication mainly relied on telephones and email platforms, today’s communication is hinged on having the technology to support video conference calls, messaging, and forms of online collaboration. With today’s … [Read more...]

How to Use Your Video Conferencing System with Any Platform

Group of people gathered around a screen on the wall with a virtual call on display. There are twelve people in the conference video interface.

See Zoom, Teams - Why Commit to Just One? Are you ready to improve your hybrid meeting experience? If your staff currently relies on a single laptop at the head of the table—you can do better than that. We install video conferencing systems that sync video displays, speakers, microphones, and cameras to your video call, activated instantly.  Many video conferencing solutions on the market are geared toward a single conferencing platform, like Zoom Rooms or Microsoft Teams Rooms, with a … [Read more...]

Boost the Atmosphere in Your LA Office with Smart Technology

A bright, modern office with yellow chairs and circular lighting fixtures connected to smart office automation.

See How Lighting & Smart Office Automation Design Can Lift Workplace Morale  Whether your Los Angeles company is embracing a hybrid or in-person work model, more California businesses are looking for ways to enhance the office atmosphere. After all, if potential candidates could work remotely, what would inspire them to work in your office?  There are very real benefits to face-to-face interactions at work, both for improved productivity and morale. But if your business is still using … [Read more...]

5 Step Guide to Set Up a Functional Executive Office Conference System

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Photo by ClockAudio    The past year has transformed what it means to work in an office to say the least. As a result, many companies and organizations have revolutionized a new workplace as one that requires technologies that make collaboration possible from anywhere in order for success. Thus, this pivot has given rise to the Executive Home Office as a new workplace. Working behind a screen and camera is the new normal. With the right technology and setup, any worker can get the job … [Read more...]

7 Simple Home Improvements to Beat the Winter Blues

painted dining room

Winter can be a difficult time of year for many of us, especially after all the holiday excitement dwindles down. The days are short and dark. The temperatures are low. The weather is gloomy. And this is when many of us start to feel the winter blues settling in.  But there is good news. By planning out a few simple home improvements you can easily transform your space into a happier and cozier place to be. Sprucing up your home can be worthwhile during any season, but certain projects are … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Automate Your Home For The Holidays

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As we reach the end of 2020 (finally), it is time to celebrate the holidays. A fun way to celebrate is to automate your home while focusing on guests, food preparations, and decorating. Let us cut your prep time in half as we automate your home.  1.  Keep Your Gifts Safe With A Smart Doorbell and Security System.  Holiday season means it’s time for gifts. Due to the pandemic and closures, most gifting is being done online and being shipped to homes. Because of this, it is important to … [Read more...] Reveals First Architectural Microphone: Josh Nano and More


  At the premiered Keynote on Tuesday, November 10th, announced further products to advance its mission to provide artificial intelligence unique to each smart home. For those who do not know,, like Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa, is a voice controlled assistant, but also acts as a voice-controlled home automation system. It is essentially a smart assistant designed to work connectedly with your smart home systems and devices. With Josh, you can ask it to turn off the … [Read more...]


Modern hipster apartment interior. Open space loft, living room with dining room and kitchen in the back. Large white sofa, vintage decorative carpet, coffee table with coffee, seat, dining table with armchairs. Large pendant light. large windows with sunlight, green plant wall. lots of decoration. TV set. interior design copy space. Concrete wall, wooden parquet floor. sunlight render.

What makes a smart home truly intelligent? To us, one of the smartest—and most convenient—components that can be included in every smart home is smart lighting. With benefits like energy efficiency, added peace of mind, streamlined day-to-day activities, and automated actions, it’s pretty easy to see why. Or is it? What does smart lighting actually entail? Let’s shed some light on the subject. (See what we did there?) WHAT IS SMART LIGHTING? It’s not a fancy bulb or an app … [Read more...]

ForTech’s Apartment Solutions for Property Managers

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Technology is a crucial aspect of property management and apartment maintenance, especially in today’s day and age. Smart apartment technology is both a benefit for landlords/property managers and tenants. Landlords and property managers can remotely access security features like camera surveillance and door access. Tenants may actually pay more if they are enticed by the ability to control everything with ease in their home from music and lights to shades. With these upgrades, you can … [Read more...]

Reopen During the Pandemic with a Social Distancing Solution

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Social distancing is the "new normal" now. It has become an integral part of our everyday life by having an inevitable impact on each sector of our society. Social distancing is advised and strongly recommended by all medical experts and respective health organizations to stop the spread of the virus. This is extremely challenging due to the strong inner need of socialization and closeness embedded in human nature, that makes distancing an unnatural action. We all are in this together and we all … [Read more...]