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ForTech Solutions is an authorized dealer for a range of leading AV brands, providing both residential and commercial audiovisual solutions across the Los Angeles and Greater Houston areas. Our extensive portfolio includes high-end products from AudioControl, Crestron, Control4, DoorBird, Ketra, Sony, BIAMP, Cisco Meraki, QSC, and Shure. Specializing in everything from home automation to professional display installations, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. Whether enhancing a living room with the latest home theater technologies or equipping a conference room with state-of-the-art communication tools, ForTech Solutions delivers exceptional audiovisual experiences that combine innovation, quality, and reliability.


AudioControl Audio Dealer

ForTech Solutions is the premier dealer for AudioControl products, including the Maestro X9S processor and Concert XR-8S receiver, serving the Los Angeles and Greater Houston areas. Specializing in high-end residential AV setups, ForTech transforms living spaces into personal theater experiences with advanced audio technologies. The Maestro X9S is renowned for its immersive audio capabilities, featuring Dolby Atmos, DTS, and Auro-3D, as well as high-resolution audio support and HDMI 2.1 connectivity. Similarly, the Concert XR-8S enhances any home AV setup with its powerful Class H amplifier, versatile streaming options, and advanced room correction technology. ForTech Solutions offers comprehensive installation and support services, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable setup for customers’ home entertainment systems, enhancing quality of life through exceptional audiovisual experiences.

Creston Home Automation Dealer

ForTech Solutions, a premier dealer of Crestron Home® automation, services the Los Angeles and Greater Houston areas, providing innovative solutions that enhance the convenience, security, and energy efficiency of residential spaces. Crestron Home® integrates various household systems including lighting, climate control, and security into a unified platform, making it simpler to manage your home through user-friendly interfaces and automation. Their advanced systems allow for customizable lighting settings, efficient climate control, and robust security features that include surveillance cameras and remote alerts. Additionally, Crestron’s integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant facilitates voice-controlled convenience. ForTech Solutions not only installs these systems but also offers ongoing support and maintenance to ensure optimal performance, tailoring each installation to the client’s lifestyle and preferences for a seamlessly integrated smart home experience.

Control4 Automation System Dealer

ForTech Solutions is a leading provider of Control4 Smart Home automation systems in the Los Angeles and Greater Houston areas, specializing in transforming residences into smart environments that offer enhanced convenience, security, comfort, and energy efficiency. Control4 stands out in the home automation industry with its comprehensive Smart Home OS that connects and controls all smart devices through a single interface, whether it’s via touchscreen, remote, smartphone, or tablet. Key features of Control4 systems include advanced climate control, intelligent lighting, robust home security that integrates cameras, locks, and alarms, and a full-featured home entertainment setup for a seamless cinematic experience. Additionally, ForTech offers personalized solutions, from initial in-depth consultations to precise installations and thorough post-installation support and maintenance. This ensures that every aspect of the Control4 Smart Home system is tailored to meet individual client needs and preferences, providing an optimized, automated living experience that enhances both functionality and comfort in the home.

Doorbird Intercom Access Control Dealer

As a premier dealer of DoorBird intercom and access control systems, ForTech Solutions services the Los Angeles and Greater Houston areas, specializing in advanced residential security solutions. DoorBird’s products, such as the D1812 IP Video Door Station, A1101 IP Video Indoor Station, and D1102KV Flush-mount IP Video Door Station, offer cutting-edge security features that enhance both safety and communication within homes. These systems allow for remote and secure management of property access, featuring high-definition video, two-way audio communication, night vision, and motion detection capabilities. The sleek designs, like the flush-mount of the D1102KV, ensure that these systems not only provide security but also complement modern home aesthetics. DoorBird’s integration with various smart home platforms further streamlines the control and monitoring of home security systems, offering homeowners ease of use and peace of mind. ForTech Solutions’ expertise in custom installations guarantees that each system is perfectly aligned with the homeowner’s security needs and lifestyle preferences, making them a trusted provider of DoorBird’s sophisticated technology.

Ketra Automated Light Control Dealer

ForTech Solutions is a distinguished dealer of Ketra automated lighting, specifically the Ketra D2 Downlight, serving both the Los Angeles and Greater Houston areas. Renowned for their customization and high performance, Ketra D2 Downlights offer unparalleled adaptability and aesthetic enhancement for any home environment. These advanced lighting solutions feature innovative Lutron Clear Connect Type X wireless technology for streamlined installation and ease of future modifications, accommodating dynamic living spaces. The versatility of the D2 Downlight is further exemplified in its various housing options, which cater to different architectural needs, allowing for precise illumination and ambiance control. ForTech Solutions provides expert installation and tailored configurations, ensuring each lighting system is seamlessly integrated into the home’s existing decor and lifestyle preferences, enhancing both the functionality and atmosphere of residential spaces.

Sony Video and Display Dealer

ForTech Solutions is a premier dealer of Sony video and display products, providing top-notch AV services for the Sony VPL-XW7000ES Projector and Sony XR 77A95L TV in the Los Angeles and Greater Houston areas. Specializing in creating immersive home entertainment systems, ForTech designs and installs customized setups that incorporate Sony’s latest technology to deliver unparalleled audiovisual experiences. The VPL-XW7000ES Projector offers native 4K resolution and advanced SXRD panel technology for vivid, lifelike images, while the XR 77A95L TV features self-emissive pixels and Cognitive Processor XR for natural, optimized viewing. Both products support HDR and offer long-lasting performance, ensuring that every viewing experience, from movies to sports, is nothing short of spectacular. ForTech Solutions not only installs these systems but also provides comprehensive ongoing support and maintenance to ensure customer satisfaction and enjoyment of their Sony home entertainment setup.


BIAMP Networked Media Platform Dealer

ForTech Solutions is a distinguished dealer of the BIAMP Networked Media Platform, offering specialized commercial AV services in Los Angeles and the Greater Houston areas. BIAMP’s Networked Media Platform, including the advanced Tesira and Community speaker lines, provides sophisticated digital signal processing technology that allows for scalable and flexible AV system configurations. These systems are designed to meet the specific needs of diverse commercial environments, from corporate boardrooms to large event venues. The Tesira platform stands out for its superior audio/video processing capabilities, offering tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing installation complexities. ForTech Solutions leverages BIAMP’s robust product line to deliver customized, high-quality AV solutions, ensuring that each installation is perfectly aligned with the client’s communication needs and spatial dynamics, with a commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional service.

Cisco Meraki Hybrid Workplace And Smart Camera Dealer

ForTech Solutions is a leading Cisco Meraki dealer that provides sophisticated commercial networking services for Cisco Meraki smart cameras and hybrid workforce solutions in Los Angeles and the Greater Houston area. Specializing in creating robust and efficient network infrastructures, ForTech ensures businesses benefit from seamless communication, enhanced security, and improved productivity. Our offerings include high-resolution smart cameras that integrate advanced analytics and cloud management for comprehensive security coverage, alongside Hybrid Workforce solutions that support seamless remote and on-site collaboration. By leveraging Cisco Meraki’s cutting-edge technologies, ForTech Solutions tailors each installation to meet the unique operational needs of businesses, ensuring a scalable, secure, and efficient networking environment that supports current demands and future growth. With our expert consultation, installation, and ongoing service, we commit to enhancing your business infrastructure for an optimized and dynamic workplace.

Crestron Wireless Presentation and Conferencing Systems Dealer

ForTech Solutions is a premier dealer of Crestron wireless presentation and conferencing systems, providing cutting-edge solutions like AirMedia®, Flex Series, and Room Scheduling in Los Angeles and the Greater Houston area. Specializing in commercial AV installations, ForTech leverages Crestron’s innovative technologies to enhance workplace efficiency and collaboration. The AirMedia® technology allows seamless wireless presentations across various devices, facilitating effortless screen sharing and meetings with enterprise-grade security. The Flex Series offers a unified communication experience across multiple devices, making transitions smooth and reducing learning curves, while the Room Scheduling systems integrate with popular calendar platforms to streamline meeting space management, display real-time availability, and offer detailed analytics on room usage. ForTech Solutions is dedicated to customizing these advanced systems to fit specific business environments, ensuring optimal functionality and helping businesses harness the full potential of their communication infrastructure.

QSC Loudspeakers and Amplifier Dealer

ForTech Solutions, a distinguished dealer of QSC Pro Audio products in Los Angeles and the Greater Houston area, specializes in providing advanced commercial AV solutions with a focus on QSC’s CX-Q Series Amplifiers and AcousticDesign Series. Recognized for enhancing communication and creating engaging environments, ForTech integrates QSC’s high-efficiency power amplifiers and versatile loudspeakers to deliver seamless and impactful audio experiences ideal for any business setting. The CX-Q Series Amplifiers, equipped with cutting-edge network connectivity and control features, ensure top-tier audio performance across various applications, while the AcousticDesign Series offers exceptional sound clarity with flexible mounting options, fitting perfectly in diverse spaces from retail stores to auditoriums. With ForTech Solutions, businesses benefit from customized installations tailored to specific needs, backed by comprehensive service and support to maintain optimal system performance. This commitment to quality and client satisfaction makes ForTech a go-to partner for robust and scalable audio-visual system integrations.

Shure AV System Dealer

ForTech Solutions, a distinguished dealer of Shure AV systems in Los Angeles and Houston, specializes in the MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone and IntelliMix P300, offering state-of-the-art solutions for commercial audio/visual needs. The MXA920 excels in capturing crystal-clear audio across various settings, thanks to its automatic coverage technology, while the IntelliMix P300 enhances audio quality with advanced signal processing, ensuring every communication is clear and effective. ForTech’s expertise in customizing these systems allows businesses to enhance their meeting and conference spaces with tailored AV solutions that improve collaboration and productivity. By integrating Shure’s leading technology, ForTech Solutions ensures that businesses receive robust, dependable, and high-quality audiovisual experiences tailored to their specific needs.

Sony Pro Displays and Projector Dealer

ForTech Solutions, serving Los Angeles and Houston, specializes in top-tier installations of Sony’s advanced audiovisual products, including BRAVIA Professional Displays, Crystal LED Displays, and Professional Laser Projectors. Recognized for transforming business environments, these Sony solutions enhance communication, collaboration, and engagement across various commercial settings, from corporate boardrooms and retail spaces to educational facilities and entertainment venues. ForTech’s commitment begins with a detailed consultation to understand each client’s unique needs, followed by expert installation of high-resolution, high-brightness displays and projectors that guarantee vivid and immersive visual experiences. This comprehensive approach ensures each setup is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally superior, providing ongoing support and maintenance to maintain peak performance and client satisfaction.

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