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We provide Intercom and Access Control services for the DoorBird D1812 IP Video Door Station, DoorBird IP Video Indoor Station A1101, and DoorBird D1102KV Flush-mount IP Video Door Station in Los Angeles and the Greater Houston area.

Security and communication are vital parts of modern living. At ForTech Solutions, we specialize in designing and installing advanced residential Intercom and Access Control services that bring peace of mind while offering convenience.

DoorBird products like the D1812 IP Video Door Station, IP Video Indoor Station A1101 and D1102KV Flush-mount IP Video Door Station have become essential components of our homes, providing increased security as well as enhancing communications within them. A robust Intercom and Access Control system not only increases safety but also fosters communication within them. These systems enable you to monitor and regulate who enters your property, communicate with visitors, and ensure the security of your home. At ForTech Solutions, we understand this need and offer home Intercom and Access Control solutions using high-quality DoorBird products.

We service and install Intercom access control products in Los Angeles and the Greater Houston area.

  • DoorBird D1812 IP Video Door Station
  • DoorBird IP Video Indoor Station A1101
  • DoorBird D1102KV Flush-mount IP Video Door Station

Intercom Access Control DoorBird D1812 Services For Residential Security

One of our primary products in our installations is the DoorBird D1812 IP Video Door Station, featuring HD video capture with intercom system capabilities for visitors at your door from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet, including night vision capabilities that ensure complete visibility even under low light conditions. It features a 180-degree wide-angle lens providing comprehensive views of what’s happening outside, providing clear communications even during times when visibility may be diminished by low lighting conditions. 

The D1812 comes equipped with motion detection that sends instant alerts directly to your mobile device whenever someone approaches your door, helping increase security by providing timely responses to suspicious activity. Furthermore, this door station supports multiple user accounts so all members of your family have access to its system and stay informed as to who is at their doorstep. One of the great features of the D1812 is its seamless compatibility with smart home systems. Compatible with various smart home platforms, you can integrate this device seamlessly into your existing home automation system for complete convenience and control of all connected devices from one convenient interface – providing greater convenience and control over home security.

DoorBird IP Video Indoor Station A1101 Intercom Installation Services

As part of our installations, we utilize the DoorBird IP Video Indoor Station A1101. This indoor communication hub serves as an easy way to monitor and interact with visitors from within your home. The high-resolution touchscreen display on this station displays live footage from your DoorBird door station so you can see who is at your door without using your smartphone as a communication channel. The A1101 supports HD video and crystal-clear audio to ensure your conversations with visitors remain clear and reliable. With its various customization features, such as alert notifications based on individual arrival or when motion detection occurs at certain times of day, you can set personalized notifications based on your needs – for instance, when specific individuals arrive or when motion detectors detect movement at certain points throughout the day.

Intercom Access Control Installation And Services In LA And Houston

The DoorBird D1102KV Flush-mount IP Video Door Station is an essential product in our Intercom and Access Control installations. It features a sleek modern design that blends in perfectly with any home exterior. Furthermore, its flush mount ensures that it remains unobtrusive while offering robust security features.

The D1102KV features an HD video camera equipped with a wide-angle lens that offers clear and comprehensive video coverage of your entranceway. In addition, its built-in RFID reader enables easy and secure entry using RFID cards or key fobs, making this especially beneficial for families with multiple members as it makes entering the home quick and effortless without traditional keys being required. In addition to video and access control features, the D1102KV also features two-way audio communication with visitors directly from your door station. Noise cancellation technology ensures clear conversations even in noisy environments. Plus, motion detection alerts will keep you aware of activity at your entrance! The D1102KV is compatible with numerous smart home platforms, enabling seamless integration into existing home automation systems. You can control all connected door stations and devices through one interface – increasing convenience and security at home.


We are a trusted dealer for Doorbird D1812 IP video door station, Doorbird IP video indoor station A1101, and Doorbird D1102KV flush-mount IP video door station. At ForTech Solutions, we believe that installing an advanced Intercom and Access Control system in your home can significantly enhance its security and convenience. DoorBird products such as the D1812 IP Video Door Station, A1101 Indoor Station IP Video Station and D1102KV Flush-mount IP Video Door Station deliver exceptional solutions that bring peace of mind and ease of communication. Our expertise in residential Intercom and Access Control installations ensures that your system will meet all of your specific requirements, creating an enjoyable and effortless experience for you. ForTech Solutions is here to assist with all of your home security and connectivity needs, whether that means upgrading security measures, improving communication with visitors or connecting an intercom system with smart home platforms. Contact us now to discover our services and find out how they can turn your house into a secure yet connected haven.

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