Modern hipster apartment interior. Open space loft, living room with dining room and kitchen in the back. Large white sofa, vintage decorative carpet, coffee table with coffee, seat, dining table with armchairs. Large pendant light. large windows with sunlight, green plant wall. lots of decoration. TV set. interior design copy space. Concrete wall, wooden parquet floor. sunlight render.

What makes a smart home truly intelligent? To us, one of the smartest—and most convenient—components that can be included in every smart home is smart lighting. With benefits like energy efficiency, added peace of mind, streamlined day-to-day activities, and automated actions, it’s pretty easy to see why. Or is it? What does smart lighting actually entail? Let’s shed some light on the subject. (See what we did there?) WHAT IS SMART LIGHTING? It’s not a fancy bulb or an app … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Control Your Lights and Window Treatments

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Lighting and Shading Control Adds Convenience to Your Los Angeles Home We’ve previously talked about the benefits that lighting and shading control have to offer homes in the California area, but deciding to take advantage of this technology is just the first step. Because smart home automation is so versatile, you can choose exactly how you want to control these elements of your home. Below, we cover five of the most popular methods for managing lights and shades. 1. Your Voice Amazon’s … [Read more...]