Why You Should Automate Your Boardroom


Use Boardroom Automation to Impress Los Angeles Clients

You may imagine that setting up your boardroom is fairly simple – add a TV, a couple speakers, and make sure the room is nice and clean. However, have you ever considered installing automation in your conference room? There are many benefits to boardroom automation in your Los Angeles, California business. Keep reading to discover why this investment is well worth it.

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1. Spend More Time Meeting, Less Time Preparing

There are many elements to consider when preparing for a meeting. First, you need to reserve the room, then make sure the lights are bright and the shades are down, and set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. You also need to turn on the AV equipment and lower the projection screen if needed. When you have an automation system, you can do all of these tasks by simply hitting one button. Hit “meeting” on a custom button on the wall, or on a mobile device, and the room prepares itself. You’ll have more time to prepare your speech or research the topics that will be discussed, and won’t have to sweat the small stuff.

2. Look Prepared and Professional

If you have kept your AV system from the 80s or before, it’s time for an upgrade. Outdated systems or old rooms don’t make a good impression on clients. You don’t have to spend millions to make the meeting memorable, but you do need to look like you are up on the latest technology. And, if anyone in the room needs to make any changes – like if the room is too hot, or the shades need to go down – you can easily make the adjustment without fumbling with the controls. We can place all the controls you need on the conference room table or on a mobile device so you can tackle the complaint or issue fast and easy. You’ll look in control and professional for doing so.

3. Improve Communication

We can tie in a video conferencing system into your boardroom as well so you can make phone calls and have remote meetings easily. Hit “meeting” and not only does the AV turn on, the shades go down, and the thermostat adjusts, but the video conferencing system goes on as well to get ready for an important phone call. Fortech Solutions can even install an intercom system so you can contact employees in the building quickly. In addition, a high-quality AV system leaves no room for error. Your colleagues and clients can hear you loud and clear, and see you perfectly too even though you are thousands of miles away. Of course, we’ll make sure your network is reliable and secure too so the system performs to perfection. At the end of the day, your communication with other teams and companies has improved and your meetings are more fruitful.

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