Conference Rooms / Boardrooms

Virtual Demo Board RoomIn the last few years there have been new technology advancements that have taken audio and video conferencing to a new level. We are the leading ones to provide Video Conferencing Solutions in Los Angeles. By implementing our systems, you can begin to not only remotely control your business operations, but interact with your employees and managers in real-time, saving time on travelling and one-on-one meetings. We will customize a right-fit audio visual solution that will give you a leap forward in the new world of video conferencing technology.

Depending upon the needs of your company, these systems can be installed in conference rooms, training rooms and meeting rooms giving you the freedom to communicate with workers, partners, and clientele, all from one central location without leaving your office.

Control Systems

Instead of pulling down the projector screen, and getting your overhead projector out for your next business meeting, wouldn’t it be better to use a control system that could automate all the process? We are authorized dealers for the best control systems in the market. With a control system presentation becomes nothing but fun. You just press the “Presentation” button and the magic happens – your shades come down / drapes close, lights dim, projector turns on, your device connects to the screen and you are ready to start the presentation in just a few minutes. No hustle any more with countless wires, connections. And you can do all the presentation alone, without anyone’s help.

Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions

One of the best things about new audio/video conferencing solutions is that you’re able to do so much more in a shorter period of time. For instance, after installing LCD displays, along with LCD or DLP projectors, you will be able to tap into your communication network from your laptop using the software we provide. This will allow you to take visual learning to a higher level, especially if you have also installed interactive whiteboards that will allow you to convey your message in “real-time” to one or multiple remote locations. You just get the whole system under your fingers and can control it with one touch.

Combining Video, Web and Internet for Multimedia Training

Once we have installed your audio video conferencing system, you are now ready to for the multimedia training with your support team. We will provide training for your employees at each location so that they will know how to properly sync each location into the main system and how to use the system easily. You actually have the capability of conferencing with multiple locations, allowing you to convey your presentation company-wide at one time. Using the Internet for multimedia training, therefore, increases your ability to monitor what each component of your business is doing, all through our professional audio and video solutions. It’s easy, you will love it.

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