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See How Lighting & Smart Office Automation Design Can Lift Workplace Morale 

Whether your Los Angeles company is embracing a hybrid or in-person work model, more California businesses are looking for ways to enhance the office atmosphere. After all, if potential candidates could work remotely, what would inspire them to work in your office? 

There are very real benefits to face-to-face interactions at work, both for improved productivity and morale. But if your business is still using planes of harsh fluorescent lighting with outdated technology, you could be accidentally creating an unappealing workplace. 

In this blog, we’ll highlight how smart office automation design can create a productive and thriving environment for your staff, leading to a better-performing company. 

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Tunable Smart Lighting 

It’s been proven many times that lighting significantly influences our moods and well-being. But when we spend most of our days indoors, we aren’t receiving the natural sunlight we need to regulate our circadian rhythms. 

That all changes with tunable lighting. Through a centralized smart system, LED lights are programmed to gradually shift color temperatures and brightness throughout the day. Lights appear bright and cool in the morning, like the blue sky outside. But by the evening, and especially in winter, lights dim and transition to a warm, golden color. 

Everyone feels much more comfortable under appropriate, natural lighting. You can also adjust the lights anytime through the smart control system. 

Automated Window Shades 

Let natural light bathe your LA office through one press of a button—or automated to follow a schedule! Motorized shades are a convenient way to harvest daylight and are especially handy for large floor-to-ceiling windows. And if, at midday, the sun is causing glare on computer screens, sunlight sensors will tell your shades to lower on their own. 

Sound Masking & Multi-Room Audio 

Does your office have thin walls? Or an open floor plan? As conversations drift across the floor, it can lead to distractions and irritation for those trying to focus. And in meetings, workers may feel self-conscious that the rest of the office is eavesdropping. 

You can treat distractions through sound masking, the method of playing ambient, environmental noise through in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. Sound masking audio sounds like a constant airflow, and as it plays through your office, it muffles any conversations at least fifteen feet away. The office will feel more comfortable for all to speak freely and hunker down to work. 

Want to play uplifting music in certain areas of the office? Use the same in-wall or in-ceiling speakers and delegate playlists to specific music zones. On your control system app, you can select rooms and speakers and share audio sources to each area. 

All Controlled from One System 

With an automation system, you’ll simplify the way you approach office technology. For example, you can control lighting, shading, thermostats, speakers, and displays all from one system. You can even create custom scenes like “Morning” and “Afternoon” that adjust the office’s atmosphere accordingly. 

And in conference rooms, staff can use the smart system to connect speakers, microphones, cameras, and video displays to video calls for a superior meeting experience. 

Are you curious about smart technology and how it can elevate your Los Angeles office space? Fortech Solutions is here to help. Contact us here for a free consultation and to learn more.

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