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6 Ways To Automate Your Home For The Holidays

  As we reach the end of 2020 (finally), it is time to celebrate the holidays. A fun way to…

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Smart Lighting A Smart Home Essential Pic


What makes a smart home truly intelligent? To us, one of the smartest—and most convenient—components that can be included in…

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Control4 Releases New OS 3 Update Pic

Control4 Releases New OS 3 Update

  Recently, the most massive update has hit the smart home market with Control4’s release of the new OS 3…

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Outdoor Solutions For Your Los Angeles Smart Home

Summer and fall are not only the time for diving into the pool, but it’s time to entertain and enjoy…

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A Smart Home for Every Season

How Smart Home Automation Lends a Helping Hand Throughout the Year When you install a smart home automation system, you’re…

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The Best Parts of a Smart Home

Control4: Scalable Automation for Everyday Life There are two main aspects of smart home automation that draw in families from…

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