Outdoor Solutions For Your Los Angeles Smart Home

Summer and fall is not only the time for diving into the pool, but it’s time to entertain and enjoy your at-ease smart home. Whether it would be relaxing in the family room and watching your favorite show or swimming at your pool party with music videos playing by the gazebo or pool, you need the perfect TV solution whatever the needs may entail. For each type of necessity or issue, we have a different but workable solution to create the optimum viewing experience.

Lounging by the pool and having a drink sounds refreshing, but one thing is missing: the TV. Even though visualizing how a TV by the poolside will fit seamlessly is difficult, there are products and solutions that can create a clean design with providing the visual entertainment needed.

One solution is the TV lift that blends within the outdoor countertop or edge beside the jacuzzi; whatever works for you. It can also unfold down from the wall above the gazebo as well. The good thing about the lift is that it can be concealed and produce a surprising “wow” effect when unveiled. Overall, it continues the smooth and modern design most backyards thrive with.

Another solution is a TV that is just mounted to the surface of an outdoor wall or on a gazebo post. This is a more simpler solution, but the TV is not hidden and may be more cost-effective than a TV lift solution. However, it is exposed as a part of the design. Since the TV is always exposed to the sunlight,  the TVs as the Seura Ultra Storm Bright TV come with anti-glare technology and amazing adjustable brightness. Lastly, they are weatherproof withstanding most outdoor conditions, such as rain, sun, cold, and heat.

Sometimes you have the desire to create the drive-in movie experience straight from your backyard. To do this you can get the Open Air Cinema outdoor inflatable movie screen. Whether it feels like an outdoor movie theater or luxurious camping experience in your backyard, this inflatable screen can provide the best outdoor viewing experience for parties and entertaining.

Last but not least, luxury solutions are available as well with a high-class designed outdoor folding TV display. One of these solutions is designed by Porsche Design Studios: The C Seed 201. This is display that rises from the ground and unfolds into a 201 inch viewing TV for movies and entertainment. When you are done watching or entertaining, it folds back and is gravitated down to ground, creating a seamless design. This is a cutting edge tech trend waiting for the right house to call it home.

All in all, whatever solution you choose, ForTech Solutions can make your vision become a reality to match your given situation and desire. Whether it would be a simple TV mounted in your gazebo or a TV lifted from the ledge across the pool, there is a solution to create an entertaining outdoors space custom for you. Fill out this form to customize and integrate your outdoor entertainment hub today.



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