Home Automation / Control

touch panel control, Thermostat touch panel controlWe can convert your home into a smart home that increases safety and security while conserving energy. Our home automation systems and software automatically recognizes appliances that are “plugged” into the system through a wireless connection. Each device can be programmed individually or as a group. Enjoy modern conveniences as they spring into action to make your life a little easier, and we provide the best Home Automation System in Southern California.

While we can’t make your broom dance around the room, not yet anyway, we can wake you up to your favorite music, turn on the lights, open the window blinds and tell your coffee maker to begin brewing coffee as you get ready for the day.

Enjoy the convenience of an energy-efficient smart home

Your wish is a simple tap away. Make programming changes on-the-fly and control appliances remotely with an Internet connection or use our smart phone app as a universal remote to control lights, garage doors, audio, video and appliances from anywhere in the world with your smart phone. As you approach your home that is equipped with our best home automation system, we’ll open the garage door for you, brighten the lights and turn on your favorite TV show at the appropriate time. We will also let your smart refrigerator know you have arrived so it can give you dinner recommendations that can be prepared with the food you have on hand.

ForTech Home Automation Benefits

  • Increase safety, security and efficiency
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Wireless remote control from anywhere in the world
  • Professional installation, training and support
  • Industry standard X10 protocol support

To conserve energy without sacrificing comfort, thermostats can be programmed to automatically adjust to a higher temperature when everyone leaves the home, and then re-adjust to a lower temperature just before everyone starts returning home. If you have installed our home automation system in los Angeles then no more waiting for a cold home to warm up in the winter or for a hot home to cool down in the summer. Your home will always be at the perfect temperature for optimum comfort all year long.

Cameras and surveillance

Home security cameras are no longer a luxury; they are an important tool in home security. Our home automation software becomes a powerful video surveillance system when home security cameras are connected. Use your smart phone or Internet connection to monitor your home from anywhere in the world. It’s great for when you have someone over watching the kids while you’re out, want to check on the little ones at night from the living room or just want to make sure your teenagers are doing their homework while you’re at the office. Our selection of indoor/outdoor home security cameras can give your home another layer of security and peace of mind.

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