Whole House Video

Whole House VideoYour home theater or media room experience is no longer limited to just one room. Our whole house video system uses the latest advancements in high definition technology to distribute video to every room in the home without having to purchase individual components.

Video Distribution System

Now you can watch any program from your CATV/Satellite, game system, DVR or DVD player without having to install all of these individual pieces of equipment in each room. Simply use a touch-screen control panel to select the video source and watch the show on your TV screen or video monitor. With whole house video distribution, everyone gets to watch their favorite movies, shows and sporting events from anywhere in the home. You can also use the video distribution as a multi-player gaming system to play video games with each other in different rooms of the home. Want to listen to music everywhere? Learn about our whole house music system.
What about video quality? The quality is in the cabling. That’s why we use premium CAT-6 cables that are capable of delivering the same high definition quality that is found in both 780p and 1080p HD digital television screens and monitors. Our system is the equivalent to having your own in-house cable television system. Therefore, your quality is only limited to the video display screens that are in each room.

Whole House Video Benefits

  • HD quality video distribution
  • Large selection of multi-room, multi-channel receivers
  • Custom cabinets and rack mounting
  • Professional onsite installation, training and support
  • Certified technicians and home security experts

Video camera systems

If you have a closed-circuit camera system, we can increase the safety and security of your home by connecting it to your whole house video distribution system. By doing so, when someone rings the door bell for instance, you can see who is at the door from any television screen before you answer it. This comes in handy when you’re busy in the kitchen or on the other side of the house when an unexpected visitor arrives at the front door. In addition, with a video camera installed in the nursery, kids’ bedroom and outdoor patio, you will be able to keep an eye on things from any TV in the house. This is essential if you have a pool with small children. A pool alarm will only sound if someone is in the pool. With a video system, you can monitor the pool area from any TV before something happens. Now you really can be everywhere at once.
A whole house video system from ForTech Solutions is your best choice for the ultimate in personal entertainment and home security. If you don’t already have a home theater or media room our technician can assemble and store the multi-room receiver and video devices for the video distribution system in a smart rack-mount system in a living room or it can be hidden away in a utility closet.
Our certified professional video technicians and engineers can design, build and install the whole house video system that meets your specific entertainment and home security needs for the entire family. After the installation, we provide training and technical support.

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