Control4 Releases New OS 3 Update


Recently, the most massive update has hit the smart home market with Control4’s release of the new OS 3 interface. Control4 has created a new experience for users to enjoy all the features of a smart home with a simple touch and through a fresh interface filled with thousands of personalized enhancements. Let us explore some of the new features that cater to the inexplicable experience Control4 delivers with this update.   Key Features:  Favorites Dashboard Views of Your … [Read more...]

Outdoor Solutions For Your Los Angeles Smart Home


Summer and fall is not only the time for diving into the pool, but it’s time to entertain and enjoy your at-ease smart home. Whether it would be relaxing in the family room and watching your favorite show or swimming at your pool party with music videos playing by the gazebo or pool, you need the perfect TV solution whatever the needs may entail. For each type of necessity or issue, we have a different but workable solution to create the optimum viewing experience. Lounging by the pool and … [Read more...]

Motorized shades / drapery installation

Lutron battery operated shades

Having motorized shades/drapery in your home is not a luxury any more. It’s a convenience that comes to help us in our busy lives. Current technology advancements have made themotorized shades and drapery nearly noiseless, fast and really beautiful. It can be also budget friendly, if the system design is right. ForTech Solutions works with the best companies in the industry, such as Lutron, Crestron, Savant and other manufacturers, which offer you endless material options for your window … [Read more...]

Media Room Installation


We can turn any boring living room into a magical center piece that comes alive with the excitement of high definition sound and video. We do the best Media Room Installation in Los Angeles and not only. You just have to choose from a selection of flat wide-screen television displays with surround sound stereo, cabinets and lounge seating for the ultimate front row theater experience. ForTech’s Advantage Licensed contractors Professional onsite media design and … [Read more...]

Home Theater Installation

Audio/Video System installation, Lighting control

Imagine being able to go to a movie theater, sporting event or symphony concert whenever you want without leaving your home. We are your home theater installation and design experts in Los Angeles and surrounding areas that convert any empty space into an amazing home theater to deliver an authentic movie theater experience in your own home. We can work our magic even in small, compact spaces. Enjoy all of your media sources together including CATV/Satellite, AM/FM radio and digital media … [Read more...]

Home Automation / Control

touch panel control, Thermostat touch panel control

We can convert your home into a smart home that increases safety and security while conserving energy. Our home automation systems and software automatically recognizes appliances that are “plugged” into the system through a wireless connection. Each device can be programmed individually or as a group. Enjoy modern conveniences as they spring into action to make your life a little easier, and we provide the best Home Automation System in Southern California. While we can’t make your broom … [Read more...]

Whole House Video

Whole House Video

Your home theater or media room experience is no longer limited to just one room. Our whole house video system uses the latest advancements in high definition technology to distribute video to every room in the home without having to purchase individual components. Video Distribution System Now you can watch any program from your CATV/Satellite, game system, DVR or DVD player without having to install all of these individual pieces of equipment in each room. Simply use a touch-screen control … [Read more...]

Whole House Audio


Do you ever wish that you can hear the same home theater sound in every room of your home? With our whole house audio system, your music can follow you wherever you go in your home without having to purchase separate stereo systems or music players for every room. It’s a rare occasion when everyone in the house wants to listen to the same music. Now, each family member can listen to their favorite music whenever they want.   How whole house audio distribution works We install a … [Read more...]

Lighting Control Systems

Lighting Control System

Home lighting control systems increase security and reduce energy costs. One of the most innovative ways to make your life easier, and also protect your home at the same time, is to install a home lighting control system at your residence. When you consider that an average house can have more than a hundred bulbs, having the ability to control them can save hundreds of dollars off your annual electric bill while increasing the safety of your home. What Is a Home Lighting Control System? A … [Read more...]

Camera Systems

Camera Systems

It’s no longer practical to rely on a security alarm alone for home security.  Neighbors have become immune to hearing the routine screech of home and car alarms; although a security alarm may be connected to a remote monitoring station it could take time for help to arrive.  When used in conjunction with a security alarm, our home security camera systems can give you an elevated level of protection both inside and out.  Not only can outdoor home security cameras help deter intrusions, they … [Read more...]