Media Room Installation

media roomWe can turn any boring living room into a magical center piece that comes alive with the excitement of high definition sound and video. We do the best Media Room Installation in Los Angeles and not only. You just have to choose from a selection of flat wide-screen television displays with surround sound stereo, cabinets and lounge seating for the ultimate front row theater experience.

ForTech’s Advantage

  • Licensed contractors
  • Professional onsite media design and installation
  • Premium sound, lighting and video components
  • Complete training and technical support
  • Energy/Power Management

We are creating great sound and video experience even in small, compact spaces, as we are the Masters of Media Room Installation in Los Angeles.  Enjoy all of your media sources together including CATV/Satellite, AM/FM radio and digital media players in high definition at any time at the touch of a button or click of a mouse.

All you have to do is trust your professional team of licensed contractors to do the whole work for you. We are experts at customized Media Room Installation. After the complete installation of your media room we provide complete training on using your new media room. Our work is completely guaranteed.


Your money spent on audio video equipment is only worth it if you have a perfect acoustics for your room to sound as it’s meant to sound.  We offer a wide selection of professional quality speakers with surround-sound multi-channel stereo that are perfectly positioned and balanced during your media room installation in Los Angeles.  We also create the perfect acoustics for your space, so that all the equipment sounds at its best. Learn more about distributing audio throughout your entire home.

Automated Lighting / Shading

Lighting control system in your media room provides the perfect ambiance for watching television, reading a book or entertaining guests day or night. We create different scenes, based on your lifestyle, so that you can get the required light level and scene with just one touch of a button. This is a great safety feature that conserves energy too. Learn more about our lighting control systems.


With an HD-DVR you can record several shows at once while watching another and create an online library containing hundreds of hours of on-demand entertainment for the entire family. So that is why we are eligible to claim as the masters of media room installation in Los Angeles. Watch different television channels and movies in each room with our distributed video system.

DVD/Media Players

We can install or connect your personal DVD and media players where you can watch videos from your personal library or stream movies and music direct from Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Pandora and more.

Service & Support

Technical support and maintenance is going to be the most important thing for your system after the installation, so we offer full Service and Support packages to keep your system up to date and in a best performing mode all the time.

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