House of Worship

House of worship

The modernization has affected not only our personal lives but also the different experiences that we get in houses of worships. We are so used to good quality audio and video in our homes, offices, educational facilities, etc., that we want to get the same even when we are attending religious ceremonies or events in different worship facilities. We want houses of worship, where the sound of choirs can easily reached out to the last rows, audio and video are on a professional level and the lighting creates a unique atmosphere.

We used to think that religious facilities should stay away from technology but the new generation has new requirements. Houses of worship, churches and all religious facilities in general are making changes in their appearance, to bring younger visitors to their facilities; otherwise they will lose in competition with modern ones.

Audio System

It can be said that the sound is the most important thing in the house of worship, especially when you are listening to the choir or live performance. We are installing only high quality, commercial level professional audio systems, which create natural quality sound – perfect even in an empty big hall.

Video System

For bigger houses of worship, it’s almost a necessity to install screens and high quality projectors, so that everyone in the hall can follow the event and be a full part of it. Professional video systems, which we install, give opportunity to enjoy high quality video on the screens, even under the bright natural light.   

Lighting Design

The right lighting design and installation is the essence of every space, especially of a house of worship. Lights can be pre-programmed and installed in a way that will allow creating specific scenes for certain events, making available to highlight only predefined areas, audience sitting places or readjust automatically for different events, like weddings, religious ceremonies etc., with just one touch of a button.

We install only equipment that meets current standards of articulation and clarity. One of the important aspects of AV installation in house of worship is to hide all the technology and make it minimum visible to people. We make sure that all the equipment is accurately hidden and doesn’t destroy the architecture and unique design of the worship facility.

A single touch can let you fall into the labyrinth of sound, lights, music and great visual exposures that will make the spiritual experience unforgettable.

We are available to do house of worship AV installations in Los Angeles and Southern California. For the projects out of state or country, we are ready to provide system design, consultation and detailed installation guides, which can be implemented by our partner companies or a company of your choice.

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