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Sound Masking in Los Angeles

Masking is an act of covering up an unwanted feature. We as humans, do this when wearing physical masks, or…

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Huddle Rooms in Los Angeles

Modernization in today’s day and edge has given rise to some of the most effective solutions for businesses. With a…

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House of Worship

Modernization has affected not only our personal lives but also the different experiences that we get in houses of worship.…

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Audio Visual Consulting

We view each client as a blank canvas on a stage to create a custom audio-visual solution that performs flawlessly…

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Auditoriums / Art Centers

If you are in charge of an organization that provides entertainment, or you work at a college or school that…

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Retail / Restaurants

It’s all about projecting the right image to your audience.  We are pros when it comes to setting the right…

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Hospital / Nursing Homes

Healthcare facilities can be frightening for many individuals, especially when loved ones leave, and the patient feels all alone.  Audio-visual…

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Council Chambers

ForTech Solutions helps local governments meet the growing needs of their community by helping them adapt to new technology in…

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