Huddle Rooms in Los Angeles

Modernization in today’s day and edge has given rise to some of the most effective solutions for businesses. With a busy and fast-paced environment, people favor meeting anywhere, even virtually, in order to get work done. Huddle rooms have catered to this need because they provide smaller meeting rooms that can be used to get people to meet quicker and communicate tasks more efficiently. In addition, huddle rooms can be used for scheduled or last-minute meetings, each small space housing the technology to discuss projects with presentations, while communicating through video systems, such as Skype Business, Zoom, or BlueJeans Network.  You can customize each huddle room for project discussions, international calls, video calls with the use of the visual virtual depictions, and one-on-one virtual trainings having it be very cost-effective.

Each huddle room connects contains a control device in each room that can provide video-conferencing, meetings, and trainings. An example of this device would be the Crestron Mercury that provides functional control in each room. Additionally, each huddle room is equipped with a display, camera, microphone and computer that provide the simplest and least amount of products to maximize the benefits of video-conferencing and meetings.

The control system in place is customized to control lighting in the room at the time of the meeting or at any time, motorized shades, sound and speakers, visual output, Bring Your Own Device capabilities, air-conditioning, music, and video-camera output/input. The internet network connection provides the glue to the control system and huddle room itself by allowing it all to operate. Lastly, the AV essentials are the physical products that provide the sound and visual capability, but nothing cannot operate without tablet or device that controls functions in each conference rooms, emphasizing simplicity.

With any huddle room for your Los Angeles business or company, it is up to you to choose the functionalities and we make sure your success business environment becomes a reality. Each huddle room has a different role within a business, which can help businesses communicate many projects and topics allowing for maximum potential growth. This new trend has been home to many of the biggest companies like Google and even the smaller ones we have integrated. Whatever your situation or your necessities entail, ForTech Solutions can help integrate what is right for you and your business.

Let us help make your business meetings better and successful with your custom huddle room. To get started, call Fortech Solutions at 877-85-4TECH or fill out our online questionnaire.


Check out some photos from one of our recent huddle room projects in Los Angeles.






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