Council Chambers

Council chamber

ForTech Solutions helps local governments meet the growing needs of their community by helping them adapt to new technology in a meaningful and responsive way to keep the public informed about council business.  Being able to balance the public’s right to know with tight government budgets can be a formidable task especially when technology appears to be changing at the speed of light. Sometimes it’s not the budget that holds cities back.  It’s the fear that they will soon outgrow the … [Read more...]

Digital Signage

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If you have a retail business, and you currently display information about your company using a traditional sign or bulletin board style display, you should seriously consider modernizing with our digital signage systems. You have probably seen them before, especially when you go into restaurants and retail stores where they are presenting their special deals.   Outdoor Digital Signage Not too long ago, one of the primary advertising methods for attracting visitors to your business … [Read more...]