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Look for These Features in Your Office Intercom System 

Who’s walking into your office? Is it a routine visitor or someone to be wary of? 

Following the headlines we’ve all seen, security is top of mind for most businesses today. If your organization is also concerned about who’s coming and going, an intercom doorbell system allows your office staff to assess who’s visiting and why. Then, with an easy press of a button, they can open the door and welcome the approved visitor inside. 

If your organization lacks an intercom system for the office or if you’re dealing with outdated technology, a new system can streamline the process and make your space feel safer. Here’s how we install intercom systems in Woodland Hills, CA, offices and what features to include for safer and smarter communication. 

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Hello Over Audio & Video

A comprehensive intercom system incorporates both video and audio capabilities. Video integration allows your staff to view live video feeds from door stations, visually verifying visitors before granting access. Audio intercoms connect to speakers at the front desk, enabling two-way communication with guests. The system can be set to operate hands-free, automatically triggering when someone approaches the door, facilitating a seamless and efficient screening process.

Door Controls 

Your intercom system can also integrate with door stations to provide convenient access control. With a press of a button on a touchscreen or wall-mounted panel, doors can be automatically locked or unlocked, granting authorized personnel entry. This feature enhances security while simplifying the visitor management process. If, for whatever reason, a visitor poses a threat to the building, you can then remotely lock all exterior doors and communicate with other areas over the intercom. 

Internal Communication

In addition to visitor screening, intercom systems can facilitate internal communication. Paging intercoms allow for communication between different rooms and areas via speakers and microphones. This feature is especially beneficial in large office complexes, schools, hospitals, and commercial facilities, where the ability to broadcast announcements, issue emergency alerts, and facilitate quick communication is crucial. These systems can integrate with IP phones and even cell phones, providing flexibility and convenience for communication across different devices.

Connecting All the Pieces 

To use all this technology, it needs to connect to a centralized control system like Crestron. But should it be wired or wireless? That’s the question. While wireless technology may sound more convenient, you’ll need a strong network to handle the system load, which may not be sufficient across large areas. We recommend installing intercom and phone technology over ethernet wiring, which likely already runs through the walls, simplifying the installation process. A wired system can also control door and gate stations, offering reliable connectivity to all components. 

Implementing an intercom system in your office, medical office, or school can significantly enhance visitor screening and communication. And when you work with an installation team like ForTech Solutions, you’ll receive optimal performance and regular maintenance to ensure your business is protected. 
To get started on your new intercom and paging system, contact ForTech Solutions here or send us a message in the box below. We look forward to working with you!