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Save Time, Streamline Processes & Expand Your Meeting Possibilities

Technologies change, businesses evolve, but at the end of the day, conference rooms are still meant for people to share conversations. It’s where teams voice their concerns, share wins and losses, and brainstorm the future of their organization. 

So although hybrid and remote work is more popular than ever, conference rooms are still built and used to generate productive discussions. If your business has fallen behind on the latest technologies, is it time for an upgrade? 

Whether you’re eager for new devices or are hesitant to change, here’s why conference room automation should be on your radar and what technologies we recommend most for your Los Angeles, CA, company. 

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Simplify Room Controls 

Conference room technology needs to be easy to use in order to be useful. If your staff needs to finagle different cables, switches, and remotes to set up the projector and join a video call, your system isn’t doing its job. 

Thankfully, conference room automation can empower your staff to manage multiple collaboration tools through a simple and intuitive interface—typically on a touchscreen control panel or keypad. The automation system integrates all your AV inputs and outputs, letting you quickly manage where content is displayed. Our sophisticated automation systems can control virtually anything in your conference room, including speakers, microphones, cameras, lighting, and motorized shades—all from a single interface. 

Enhance Your Work Environment 

If you want to attract (and retain) talented workers, you need to create an atmosphere that people enjoy spending their weeks inside. Automation can enhance your office’s atmosphere for more comfort and productivity by gradually adjusting smart LED lights and motorized window shades throughout the day. 

Imagine in the morning and early afternoon, lights will shine bright and cool-toned, helping everyone feel energized and inspired. Light sensors can even tell the automation system how much natural light is in the room and accommodate artificial lighting accordingly. 

As the day winds into the late afternoon, lights will soften into warm, golden tones to appear less grating and harsh. Shades can automatically lower as sunlight strikes the window, eliminating glare across screens. Through the same control system, you can also play music and sound masking over multi-room speakers, helping everyone focus. 

Improve Hybrid Conferencing 

Video conferencing is here to stay. Conference room automation improves the experience by syncing video conferencing devices and incorporating them into your call, whether you use Zooms, Teams, Google Meet, or another platform. Microphones, speakers, cameras, and video displays will integrate automatically for better-sounding audio and HD visuals. People will start calls from the tabletop console and reserve conference rooms through the same system. 

In large businesses, we can scale and replicate conference systems across rooms, even in other office locations. So no matter where your employees meet, they’ll be familiar with the same conference room control interface. 

Ready to take your business’s conference rooms to the next level? Fortech Solutions in Los Angeles installs and programs sophisticated automation systems that enhance the way you run your business. Contact us here for a free consultation today. 

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