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Know Your Options & Do Access Control Your Way 

Are you concerned about dangerous or suspicious people entering your business? Crime has been on the rise in Los Angeles, CA, and many business owners are looking for ways to prevent anyone from walking through their doors. 

Thankfully, you can enhance the safety of your staff and customers with a commercial access control system. What is access control? It’s a network of technologies like card or pin code readers that manage who can and cannot enter your premises. If someone doesn’t have permission to enter, they’ll need to speak to the front desk first before walking through the building. 

If you’re ready to bring peace of mind to your organization and community, continue reading to see how access control works and will strengthen your security. 

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Which Method Works for You? 

When you have access control stations in entrances and elevators, you’ll ensure that only verified people are allowed inside. But there are many access control formats you can choose from. Would your company prefer to type in a pin code at each station or tap a key card? You can even install more advanced access control options, like fingerprint or retina scanners, for extra security in ultra-private areas. Hands-free access control options are available, too, with Bluetooth readers that automatically open doors when it recognizes a user’s smartphone.  

Manage Who Gets Access 

Your security or IT team can easily deploy new pin codes or cards to your staff through the access control system. If someone leaves the company, you can easily revoke their permissions the same day. And you can readily make guest passes for single-day use. 

With access control, you can even create customized schedules and limits for each staff member, setting ‘rules’ for different doors and times of day. Let’s say staff is only permitted into the building before 9 p.m. If anyone tries to enter after hours, the access control system won’t let them in. And when everyone has their own access control account, you can track who’s coming and going, which is helpful in the event of internal theft. 

All Controlled from One System 

Access control should make things easier for your company—not a hassle. Your access stations and readers can all connect to the same system that manages your cameras, alarms, door locks, and even systems like lighting and HVAC. That way, you can control and monitor everything from the same interface across devices, simplifying the process and preventing missed details.  

Is your business ready to take its security more seriously? If you’re looking for commercial access control in Los Angeles, Fortech Solutions is here to help. 

Contact our team of security professionals here to discuss our services and your organization’s needs. Smarter security starts today for your business! 

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