Reopen During the Pandemic with a Social Distancing Solution

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Social distancing is the “new normal” now. It has become an integral part of our everyday life by having an inevitable impact on each sector of our society. Social distancing is advised and strongly recommended by all medical experts and respective health organizations to stop the spread of the virus. This is extremely challenging due to the strong inner need of socialization and closeness embedded in human nature, that makes distancing an unnatural action. We all are in this together and we all are facing a complicated array of health considerations while trying to reopen or continue to operate safely. Drastic changes in everyday-life and health challenges demand special solutions to address the new circumstances.

ForTech is offering a brand-new solution with a smart algorithm to address your social distancing challenges. This Social Distancing solution can be deployed on any IP-based camera and no other additional changes are required to your existing camera infrastructure. ForTech is ready to support you to get started monitoring your spaces and preventing the viral spread. 

Furthermore, monitoring large public spaces such as a metro station, airport, mall, or a city space is a task that is vastly challenging. The UbiqiSense solution, can dynamically measure and monitor if people are sitting, standing, or walking with enough distance from each other. It can also measure and monitor if people are congregating in groups larger than advised.

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The UbiqiSense system generates live alerts when social distance safety is at risk, to help everyone stay safe. Alerts can be visible to displays or announcements to help people stay safe, but can also be sent to monitoring centers, security, police, or other personnel responsible for safety. Data is stored for analysis providing insights into the use of your facilities, discovering highly dense and places where people typically gather. In adherence to GDPR, only meta-data is being stored for historical analysis, and no images are ever stored or transmitted. This makes this a safe and privacy-friendly solution.

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By receiving alerts and seeing historical insights of your space, you can mitigate the risks of the spread of the coronavirus and help flatten the curve. Any space can be transformed into a social distance friendly space with this solution. Keep your space and employees safe by monitoring social distancing and having protocols to assess when employees breach this distance frequently as provided in insights. We can stay safe from the coronavirus, one solution at a time. 
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Let us help you reopen safely after the quarantine with a social distancing solution so that both you and your peers are healthy and safe. To learn more about this solution and more health and safety solutions, contact us at Stay safe!

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