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Why Smart Lighting Control Is Always Worth It 

Are you ready to take your lighting beyond on and off switches—even beyond dimmers? 

The way you illuminate your house completely changes with a smart lighting system. One second, your dining room can appear bright and energetic for your kid’s homework routine. Then with a single command, you can transform the lights for a cozy, intimate dinner setting. 

A smart home lighting design plans for whole-home integration, with all your lighting fixtures and motorized shades connected to one centralized system. Why switch to smart lighting control? Find out below and get inspired for your Beverly Hills, CA home. 

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1. Automate to Follow Your Lifestyle 

If it’s painful waking in the morning, let your home’s lighting help. Motorized shades gently open to let the morning sun cascade across your bed. And if it’s a cloudy day? Lights brighten to the perfect level. Across the house, lights and shades are already set to your preferred settings. And when you leave the house as you normally do, your lights know to turn off. 

And after dark? Landscape lights activate to the ideal brightness level and color, and your entryway lights will welcome you home. You can tell your lighting system when to turn on and how to appear, automating each individual bulb, group of lights, or the entire house. 

2. Save Time As You Leave the House 

You’ve got your wallet and keys and are ready to head out the door. With a smart lighting system, a single tap on the wall or phone app can simultaneously power off all the lights, making your exit breezy and simple. We can also integrate smart thermostats and window shades so that you can close down the house in seconds. 

3. Get the Perfect Mood Lighting Every Time 

Not all scenarios call for the same lighting. If you’re exercising in the home gym during the day, you might want bright, cool-toned lights to energize your routine. But in the late afternoon, as you settle into a yoga practice, warm, dim lights will soothe and relax. 

Lighting control allows you to customize lights to any color or shade of white and even save your favorite settings to scenes like ‘Dinner’ or ‘Party.’ ​​We can install wall keypads with customized buttons, so you can set lights to the perfect mood—rather than simply turn them on or off.

4. Reduce Energy Usage Automatically 

Thanks to its automatic energy savings, you can feel good about a smart lighting system. LED lights already use less energy than incandescent and CFL bulbs. But when you incorporate smart sensors and schedules, your lights will always power off when not in use. 

5. Sync to Other Home Technologies 

Lighting is only the beginning. Smart home systems like Crestron and Control4 allow you to integrate lights and motorized shades with other home technologies like audio, video, security devices, and HVAC, all controlled through the same intuitive system. So if you’re about to head home, you can pull out your Control4 or Crestron app, turn on the lights and the TV, so the game is on and ready the second you walk in the door. 

Interested in home lighting control? Contact Fortech Solutions for a free consultation and to learn more about our lighting design and installation services. We look forward to working with you! 

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