3 Reasons Why You Should Connect Lighting and Shading Control


Discover the Benefits of our Smart Lighting and Shading Systems

If you have been considering upgrading your Los Angeles, CA home with automation, there’s no better starting point than lighting and shading control. With our smart systems, you can display each room of your home in its best light (literally), all from the push of a single button. Although you can automate just lighting or shading control individually, here are three good reasons to connect both into one easily manageable, efficient lighting and shading control system:

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1.    Energy Efficiency

On bright and sunny days, there’s really no reason to have all the lights on in your home. Daylight harvesting is the act of identifying when there is sufficient lighting in an area, then automatically dimming or shutting off the electric lighting until needed. This process is great on its own, but when the lighting control is connected to your automatic window shades, it gets even better. The lighting and shading control system can work together intelligently to identify where lighting can be improved by raising or lowering shades or by adjusting the indoor lighting.

2.    Time Savings

One of the main purposes of lighting and shading control is to make it easy for you to enjoy your home without having to deal with turning off lights or raising shades individually. In an automated home, you should be able to walk into a room and immediately start enjoying it. A single system for lighting and shading control allows you to adjust an entire room in seconds. With apps for smartphones and tablets, you have the ability to control your home’s lighting and shading wirelessly from anywhere.

3.    Scenes

When you integrate your lighting and shading control into one system, your system can be programmed with many different “scenes,” such as movie time, bedtime, exercise, and more. These scenes are preset with the desired lighting and shading for each scenario. The ability to set scenes is more than just convenient; it gives that wow factor whenever you’re sharing your beautiful home with friends and family.

4. Security and Safety

Believe it or not, smart lights and shades can help protect your home furnishings from damage, and even your family. UV light can damage furniture, floors and other pieces of décor like valuable paintings. For example, sunlight causes colors to fade and leather to become course. Solar shades are made of special material that blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays so that your furniture and décor pieces last much longer. Shades also provide privacy for your family so people passing by can’t look into your home. Automated lighting tied into a security system also helps scare away intruders when a person approaches your property.

Whether you’re building a new home or simply wanting to upgrade your current residence, integrating lighting and shading control to your Los Angeles, CA home will add convenience, luxury, beauty and even security. Of course, you don’t have to stop with just lighting and shading. ForTech’s residential automation services cover everything from home security systems to whole house audio.


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    Yes, you can save a lot of energy and time with shading control. And security safety is one of the best reasons for connecting lighting and shading control. Very well written blog. Keep posting!

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