Outdoor Audio InstallationOutdoor Audio Installation Beverly Hills, CAA small satellite outdoor speaker installed in a garden above a rock wall.

Entertain Guests All Summer Long with Outdoor Audio 

Music can elevate any moment—like we’re living inside a movie. This summer, you can make the most of your outdoor gatherings with a sound system ready to play anytime. 

After all, when you can wirelessly control outdoor speakers, you’ll spend more time in the backyard entertaining guests. From cookouts to pool parties and dining al fresco, outdoor speakers are the ultimate addition to your summer plans. 

But outdoor speakers aren’t simply plugged into an outlet and left out on the lawn. Ideally, they should be installed to blend into your landscaping while delivering even sound to the whole yard. 

Here’s all you need to know about an outdoor audio installation for your Beverly Hills, CA home.

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Weather-Resistant Year-Round 

Outdoor restaurants have them. Sports stadiums and music venues do, too. So why shouldn’t your home have outdoor speakers? Audio manufacturers like James Loudspeaker and Triad build speakers durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures, rain, debris, and even snow. The speakers are also rust-resistant, so you can feel confident leaving them outside all year.  

Speakers That Won’t Bother the Neighbors 

It may sound counterintuitive, but with outdoor audio, more is less. When you have a network of speakers installed across the lawn, you can keep each speaker’s volume at a lower level. Songs will play in unison across the system, and with many speakers installed, your ears will always be close to the music. 

Building a System of Speakers 

Audio brands like James Loudspeaker and Triad offer a variety of outdoor speakers. For listening by the patio, porch, or deck, wall-mounted outdoor speakers deliver high-fidelity sound off your house’s exterior.

Out in the yard, small satellite speakers can peek out from under plants and along your landscaping. Larger 2-way and 3-way speakers stand over two feet tall and deliver robust, detailed audio to your yard. You can even install partial-burial subwoofers that add low, bass notes to the music. 

When you work with an audio-video installer like Fortech Solutions, we’ll connect the speakers with wires trenched underground, blending seamlessly into the outdoors. 

Simplified Control 

With a single tap on your phone, you can enjoy music instantly across your Beverly Hills backyard. We’ll wire the speaker system to the same amplifier, which you can wirelessly control from your phone, tablet, and even voice command. 

We can even connect the outdoor speakers to your indoor audio system so they all play in unison (perfect for parties). Or if you want to listen to ’60s rock outside while pop plays inside, you can choose the speakers and media sources you like, distributing music to the right devices. 

If you’d like to bring outdoor audio to your Beverly Hills home, contact Fortech Solutions to learn more and start your installation today. We look forward to working with you! 

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