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Create a Better Work Environment with a Sound Masking System for the Office

Why do people quit their jobs? According to a recent study by FlexJobs, some of the top reasons cited for quitting included toxic work environments and a lack of remote work. Since office workers got a taste of remote work in 2020, many are reluctant to return full-time to the office. If your Los Angeles company operates in person, is your office a comfortable and appealing place to work? 

It may sound out of left field, but your workplace’s atmosphere can make or break your employees’ experiences. If your staff frequently feels uncomfortable or irritated, they may be inspired to browse job listings. 

In fact, Forbes recently reported that an appealing workplace includes a “relaxed and productive atmosphere.” If your Los Angeles, CA office space is distracting or eerily quiet, you may be accidentally repelling staff. But it’s not a problem you need to endure forever. Here’s how a sound masking system for the office can improve the ambiance in every room. 

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First, What Is Sound Masking?

Sound masking uses multi-room speakers to emit ambient background sound across the office. This background sound muffles conversations and distracting noises, making your office sound quieter. The ambient noise resembles a constant airflow, and any conversations over fifteen feet away won’t be heard. Unlike white noise and AM static, sound masking is not distracting and will be hardly noticeable. 

Provide More Privacy 

No one likes feeling spied on or micromanaged at work. If you have an open floor plan or thin walls, your staff may feel like everyone is listening to their conversations. If it’s too quiet to open a bag of chips or bite an apple in peace, your office needs sound masking. 

By muffling background sounds across the office, your staff will feel free to talk on the phone, hold meetings, and be themselves without worrying about anyone listening. Privacy lets everyone feel comfortable and, therefore, happier walking into the office each morning. 

Eliminate Distractions 

If there’s a lot of work to do, your staff needs to feel like they can get it done. But if they can hear every word in the adjacent conference room, they may be unable to focus and complete their work. Sound masking helps to reduce distracting voices and sounds that can throw productivity off-kilter. Instead, you’ll create a quiet (but not eerily silent) office where everyone can be productive. 

If you’d like to create a more comfortable and efficient workspace, a sound masking system may be the element you’re missing. Contact Fortech Solutions in Los Angeles to learn more about sound masking systems and our audio-video services.

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