Hospital / Nursing Homes

Hospital nursing homeHealth care facilities can be frightening for many individuals, especially when loved ones leave and the patient feels all alone.  Audio visual equipment can help patients and guests relax by providing them with television programs and other entertainment options that they are familiar with at home. Our professional audio visual consultants have more than a decade of experience in providing A/V solutions for health care facilities.  Our goal is to make your health care facility a more comfortable and welcoming facility for everyone to enjoy.


Our audio visual professionals will design, build and install a customized hospital a/v system that meets the needs of patients, guests and staff.
With an interactive patient television system, your hospital will be able to provide a higher level of patient care at a lower staff to patient ratio.  Patients find their hospital stay more comfortable when they are able to stay in touch with the outside world with the assurance that hospital staff is just a click away when they need assistance.  By installing customized LCD video displays at bedside patients can receive a selection of free channels and Internet access. The level of programming can be defined by the hospital administrator and changed on-demand as needs change.  In addition to complimentary television and music channels, your hospital can decide to offer a selection of premium channels for an additional charge.  Plus, patients will be able to make their meal selections, review their hospital information and purchase amenities right from their bed.

A/V System Benefits for Hospitals

In addition to in-room television, we also provide a selection of custom audio visual packages for hospitals that include LCD/satellite television installation in waiting rooms, audio visual equipment for meeting rooms and digital signage to display important announcements throughout the hospital.  Our on-site audio visual consultants will review your hospital’s audio visual requirements and provide the best A/V solution within your budgetary guidelines.

Nursing Homes

We provide custom audio visual packages that provide nursing home residents and guests with the comforts of home in your nursing home facility.  This is important because audio sounds and visual aids help to stimulate brain activity to keep the mind active.  Your nursing home administrator can choose from a large selection of television and musical programming options to create a private cable system for residents and guests to enjoy while minimizing costs.
You will want to show off your nursing home when we create a welcoming community/media room for residents to enjoy with their guests.  With customized easy-reach bookcases to house a library of books and other reading material along with an LCD television, guests will feel like they are in their own living room. The television system is operated by a simple remote control with large buttons. In addition, the community/media room can be controlled remotely from an administrative office.

A/V System benefits for Nursing Homes

Our hospital aand nursing home A/V packages also feature options that include A/V equipment for multi-media presentations in your conference room, paging system, music streaming and digital signage for important announcements.

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