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RestaurantIt’s all about projecting the right image to your audience.  We are pros when it comes to setting the right mood for your restaurant or retail store so that your customers will feel more comfortable in doing business with you.  With your store as the stage, our audio visual systems will create the perfect ambiance that balances entertainment with professionalism that is appealing, yet not distracting.

Whether you want a fun and energetic beat to get customers dancing through your doors, or the soft undertones of classical musical to caress your customers while they consider a smart purchase or enjoy a luxurious meal, our commercial audio video systems will set the tone for your establishment.


In today’s always connected wireless world, your clientele wants to be informed and entertained wherever they go.  And eating out in a casual or fine dining restaurant is no exception.  Our audio visual professionals will design and build a custom A/V solution for your restaurant that caters to your diners. Whether you want personal LCD television displays at every booth or a satellite TV installation in the bar, our solutions are a key ingredient that will keep your customers coming back for more.  Our LCD/Satellite TV installation packages include a paging system with an optional outdoor paging system (PA) and streaming digital music.

In addition, combine our audio visual packages with a digital signage system that uses dynamic multi-media text and graphics to create brilliant digital signs that promote enticing specials when patrons walk in the door.  Also, our automated energy saver lighting control system has separate zones for public and private areas of your restaurant that will reduce your energy bills and prevent energy waste.  Plus, our audio visual solutions are instrumental in creating a strong demand for your banquet rooms. This will make it easier and more profitable to rent them out for private parties that want a state of the art sound, video and lighting system for a DJ and bands.

Retail Stores

It’s no secret that video sells. That’s because studies show the longer customers stay in your store, the more they buy. Our team of professional audio visual consultants can customize the best A/V solution for your store based on your customers’ demographic profile.  Our custom audio visual packages include streaming music, paging systems and mounted video displays with cable/satellite television, Internet and/or DVR capabilities that will enable you to create powerful multi-media ad messages to keep customers entertained and informed while they are in your store.  For retail outlets with multiple locations, we are able to build a private cable network that maximizes capital resources to create standardized brand messaging in all stores.

Our custom audio video solutions can be combined with digital signage systems that will enable you to create impressive multi-media digital signs to push sales and trigger impulse buys of high profit products.

We also provide energy-efficient automated lighting control systems with separate zones for public and private areas.  In addition to minimizing wasted energy, the system can work with any available natural lighting to maintain a steady balance of light at all times.  Our lighting control system pays for itself with improved safety and reduced energy bills.

A/V Systems for Retailers and Restaurants

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