Outdoor Entertainment

IMG_0739We have a variety of outdoor entertainment options to bring the home theater experience to your backyard.  It’s like having an outdoor living room.  Your outdoor barbecues will take on a whole new meaning when you can watch your favorite entertainment on flat screen television screens or a giant video projection screen with surround sound.  We will custom design complete digital outdoor entertainment package so you will be able to enjoy the great outdoors even more. So you can enjoy have great fun with our customized Outdoor Audio Video.

Outdoor Movie Theater

We can convert your outdoor patio or deck into a custom outdoor movie theater design specifically for your outdoor area.  Enjoy a refreshing soak in the hot tub under the stars while listening to your favorite music, or perhaps watching your favorite movies in 3-D with surround sound. Our system engineers will take care of weather proofing while doing outdoor audio video, and they will protect all of the components,  and deliver HD sound and video through your whole home video distribution system or stand alone outdoor home theater on a large LCD flat screen television.  If you want something a little bigger, we can install up to an 85’ video projection screen with an outdoor movie projector. This is perfect for relaxing on the grass or on comfy lounge chairs for that authentic outdoor movie theater experience.  Or, perhaps you may prefer an outdoor bar motif with several flat screen television hanging above a custom outdoor bar and we have an edge to do such kind of services of installation of outdoor audio video.

Surround Sound Speakers

One of the best features about home theater systems is its surround sound system capabilities that allow you to hear every dramatic nuance. When you go to a movie theater, it feels like you are actually there because the speakers are all around you, giving you that feeling of being in the movie itself. In the same way, we strategically position premium weather-resistant speakers outside so that you can achieve the same effect with your outdoor audio video in los Angeles. We are also known to hide them in covered areas, under the deck, and even in stonework to protect them from the elements.

Outdoor Lighting

It’s one thing to have great sound and video, but you also need to have the appropriate lighting for your home theater system for safety reasons, especially if it is outdoors. For your convenience, we can install a lighting control panel right by your patio door so that you can program your outdoor lights and entertainment cinema ensuring that your evening will be well lit without any additional manual intervention required.
Our lighting control system is the perfect solution for your outdoor audio video, and it enables you to use a programmable digital timer that you can set and it will automatically shut everything down at the selected time. In addition, it will also provide ample lighting of the outdoor area for guests to be able to safely walk while enjoying the movie.
Our professional audio and video technicians will design and install an outdoor home theater system to your specifications for a backyard full of fun that you will want to share with your family and friends.

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