Huddle Rooms in Los Angeles


Modernization in today’s day and edge has given rise to some of the most effective solutions for businesses. With a busy and fast-paced environment, people favor meeting anywhere, even virtually, in order to get work done. Huddle rooms have catered to this need because they provide smaller meeting rooms that can be used to get people to meet quicker and communicate tasks more efficiently. In addition, huddle rooms can be used for scheduled or last-minute meetings, each small space housing the … [Read more...]

House of Worship

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The modernization has affected not only our personal lives but also the different experiences that we get in houses of worships. We are so used to good quality audio and video in our homes, offices, educational facilities, etc., that we want to get the same even when we are attending religious ceremonies or events in different worship facilities. We want houses of worship, where the sound of choirs can easily reached out to the last rows, audio and video are on a professional level and the … [Read more...]

Audio Visual Consulting

Audio Video Consulting

We view each client as a blank canvas on a stage to create a custom audio visual solution that performs flawlessly for every event. We are the best service providers of the best commercial audio video installation in Los Angeles. Our team of audio visual consultants, engineers and specialists provides complete end-to-end audio visual solutions for Boardrooms and Conference Rooms, Auditoriums/Art Centers, Retail/Restaurants, Hospitals/Nursing Homes, Council Chambers and more. We know that when … [Read more...]

Conference Rooms / Boardrooms

Conference Room

In the last few years there have been new technology advancements that have taken audio and video conferencing to a new level. We are the leading ones to provide Video Conferencing Solutions in Los Angeles. By implementing our systems, you can begin to not only remotely control your business operations, but interact with your employees and managers in real-time, saving time on travelling and one-on-one meetings. We will customize a right-fit audio visual solution that will give you a leap … [Read more...]

Auditoriums / Art Centers


If you are in charge of an organization that provides entertainment, or you work at a college or school that regularly puts on a play or related performance, it is important that the acoustics in your auditorium provide the best possible atmosphere for the people that will attend. Our sound and video engineers are experts with auditorium sound and video configurations, which includes implementing proper lighting controls that will convert your auditorium into a multi-media presentation … [Read more...]

Retail / Restaurants


It’s all about projecting the right image to your audience.  We are pros when it comes to setting the right mood for your restaurant or retail store so that your customers will feel more comfortable in doing business with you.  With your store as the stage, our audio visual systems will create the perfect ambiance that balances entertainment with professionalism that is appealing, yet not distracting. Whether you want a fun and energetic beat to get customers dancing through your doors, or … [Read more...]

Hospital / Nursing Homes

Hospital nursing home

Health care facilities can be frightening for many individuals, especially when loved ones leave and the patient feels all alone.  Audio visual equipment can help patients and guests relax by providing them with television programs and other entertainment options that they are familiar with at home. Our professional audio visual consultants have more than a decade of experience in providing A/V solutions for health care facilities.  Our goal is to make your health care facility a more … [Read more...]

Council Chambers

Council chamber

ForTech Solutions helps local governments meet the growing needs of their community by helping them adapt to new technology in a meaningful and responsive way to keep the public informed about council business.  Being able to balance the public’s right to know with tight government budgets can be a formidable task especially when technology appears to be changing at the speed of light. Sometimes it’s not the budget that holds cities back.  It’s the fear that they will soon outgrow the … [Read more...]

Digital Signage

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If you have a retail business, and you currently display information about your company using a traditional sign or bulletin board style display, you should seriously consider modernizing with our digital signage systems. You have probably seen them before, especially when you go into restaurants and retail stores where they are presenting their special deals.   Outdoor Digital Signage Not too long ago, one of the primary advertising methods for attracting visitors to your business … [Read more...]